Mr. Coffee BVMC-FM1 20-Ounce Frappe Maker.(review)

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Andrew Thomas says:

I make the caramel one and it made a perfect one a few times but now all it
does is make this foamy crap. Any suggestions? I usually follow the recipe
but I experiment to try to solve the problem and nothing changes. HELP?

chaselearkendall says:

Not a review, annoys me… BUT I’m not here to be mad, because this video
and me something better then a review. I’m a young kid. New to chef fee and
frappé’s. mainly just get them from Starbucks, or beans and brews. As soon
as I get a job I’m buying this machine and using your recipe!!! It sounds
delicious! Thanks :):)

Alexandre Barrette says:


warezhacker says:

wheres the cherry at the end after whip cream

warezhacker says:

i bought one early this morning 😀


There a bit of a delay huh

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