Moccamaster : Coffee Maker Review

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Moccamaster coffee maker review.


Jason Walters says:

My favorite right now is my Clever. I have been playing with an aeropress
but I just can’t get a cup that I am really impressed with and it uses a
lot of coffee grounds. If you could recommend one hand brewing method (ie
clever, french press, etc) what would you recommend?

binyamj says:

One big hit on this coffee maker that I’ve heard, (besides the price) is
that the plastic parts where it holds the water and comes in contact with
the hot water while dripping into the cup are not BPA free. Nobody
understands why they don’t make the parts without BPA, it just doesn’t make

shenue says:

OMG I had decided to get one of these after seeing the video. BUT
seriously, what makes it worth $300.00 on Amazon? When all is said and
done, it is still a drip coffee maker but the cost seems way out of line. I
hope somebody can tell me why it costs so much more…seriously.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

I can’t say. Nobody in my family has used coffee machine for at least 15
years. All are devoted french press fans and all own couple of Bodum french
presses. Well I’ve gone a bit away from the French press but sometimes I
use the Eva Solo coffeemaker. But for me living alone the Hario V60 gets my
vote and Chemex when I have more than 1 guest.

shenue says:

How many cups does that thermal model make?

shenue says:

Thank you for your response, Jason.

Brad-Kelly Lloyd says:

I like the looks of this Technivorm, thanks for reviewing it. It will be
fun to see how it brews. I currently use a 4-5 year old Cuisinart 12-Cup
Programmable Thermal Brewer. I like the ability to set the timer so I’m
awakened to the smell of coffee brewing. I don’t like the fact that the
coffee is never really very hot. I also dislike having to wipe out the
inside of the brew chamber every morning (lots of condensation collect on
the lid of the brew chamber).

Jason Coffee says:

I like both of those but I would lean toward Clever and Chemex.

Jason Coffee says:

It is sleek, easy to clean and brews at the correct temperature every time.
A good alternative is the clever coffee dripper/Chemex with a Burr Grinder
and a Kettle. If you go that route you are spending around $200. It really
depends upon what you are trying to accomplish.

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