Milk Frothing with the French Press

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Want to make a cafe-style milk coffee drink at home? With a few simple modifications, you can whip up foamed milk like a pro barista! In this video, Todd Carmichael shows you just how easy it is to make frothed milk with a French press.

Enjoy watching Todd’s shenanigans on video? Stay tuned for Dangerous Grounds Season 3, airing later this spring!

Music Credited to “Buffalo” by Growl.


kujo1999 says:

Baby is so cute!

Somal Lo says:

Is that kid yours or is he adopted? He looks Ethiopian to me.

projektaquarius says:

A four year old drinking coffee? Shit my parents weren't that cool.

CinemaDemocratica says:

I've watched about a dozen of these "how to use your french press to froth milk" videos on YouTube, and every time I do it, the milk still comes out flat as a board. For one thing, it's not clear to me whether one is supposed to pump fast or slow (or if it matters), and for another thing, I count at least four different variations on the pumping motion from different videos: a deep cycle with no crowning through the surface tension at the top of the milk, a deep cycle with crowning through the surface tension, a shallow cycle near the top but without crowning, and shallow cycle with crowning. Clearly at least one of these is right and at least one of them is wrong, but I've yet to find any guidance on that issue. Third, some videos seem to be using cold milk and others hot — when I assumed that hot (@160F) was the only way to go. And finally, some people seem to cant their plunger at a slight angle, and others pump straight up and down. Surely some of these things matter — and surely at least one of them is why it so far never, ever, ever works for me. But heck if I can figure it out.

Mahmoud Sayed says:

It finally worked perfectly after I removed the upper part! thanks brother.
but I don't use the same press for both milk and coffee, I use another cheap one just for milk.

TV고야&가아 says:

That kid is mega cute. Also, I love how you talk.

PC Principal says:

That's awesome! ._.

travis dent says:

I usually drink it sweetened with coffee. If you add sugar and heat it first, you get a sweet froth like coffee house espresso drinks. (I was using battery powered whip /aereator to get the same result, but this is a lot faster.)

Anasthasia says:

cold or warm milk?

artinside says:

OMG!!!I was almost buying a milk frother and you saved me some bucks!!!Thanks!!!It works like a charm…


cold milk or warm ,temp….

mothershelper1981 says:

cool! thank you!

Clara J says:

Can you use almond/soy milk for this?

blade oak says:

blanda upp goyim

RogueBurn says:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Thanks to Todd I got two uses for making coffee with my French Press. Mr. Coffee ain't got nothing on it.

streifeneis says:

good idea, thanks

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