Melitta Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

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The Melitta Pour Over Coffee Maker is a BPS-free plastic cone that sits over most coffee mugs and carafes and allows you to make manual pour over coffee. It’s the least expensive type of coffee brewer you can buy and is the easiest to use and clean. We rate it as one of the best manual pour over coffee makers to buy.

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Wubcakes RBLX says:

my left ear enjoyed this

Wayne the barber says:

I have had this cone for a number of years. Its so easy to make a nice cup of coffee. My wife makes jet fuel when she makes coffee. I like mine much lighter. and I don't drink a lot of coffee. So with this I can make it my way and love it……And the best part its not a lot of money to buy one if you look around……

Thomas McGrail says:

Thanks, Dale. We're getting delicious coffee now. My wife thanks you too. She said you're very well spoken and your enthusiasm in contagious.

Jack Gordon says:

where is cone made? if China, would not use. Lead found in most things mfg in China.

franck gt says:

Nice video thx.

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