Making Tea with A Coffee Maker

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Influenced by NanoSpartenX2 (AKA I stole this), I show you how I make my tea.


Raventurock says:

I put my tea bags in the pot itself, but your method works well too!

Katie Baby says:

just two tea bags? 

mcarooni says:

“now add the crack, er sugar” lol, XD

tektigeranium says:

Also I guess Fluttershy *puts on glasses* needs to chill out.

HankDeanMan says:

Never thought of that, hmm… And are you not paying enough attention to
your freezer, it screamed at you? and FIRST! Had to say it, sorry

mindlessgonzo says:

@EvilSideStalker666 I run into them by accident on ponibooru and also on
tumblr. For Flutterbitch, the url begins with “trytoasknicely”

mindlessgonzo says:

@NanoSpartanX2 Thanks.

mindlessgonzo says:

@BestofNERF Fluttershy.

mindlessgonzo says:

@ZeroDoujinInfinite it’s easier than letting it soak for a long while and
boiling it in a pot.

Daniel Rift says:

@mindlessgonzo hmm sounds good but … how did [and where] you find the
comics ?

Justin Reeves says:

Love the pony additions. Made me chuckle.

mindlessgonzo says:

@BestofNERF Anime was as early as the airing of pokemon and digimon, and
blossomed when such better stuff like Hellsing and Wtichblade in high
school. Ponies? Let’s say I was persuaded by a certain pegasus when looking
up crazy cartoon characters.

mindlessgonzo says:

@BestofNERF Oh and thanks.

BestofNERF says:

love the vid

tektigeranium says:

@mindlessgonzo you know what? Fuck iPods. I should really just use a

blind2d says:

Yay, edutainment! Finally a use for my coffee maker! (That’s right, I don’t
drink da coffees)

TheRofl1337 says:

Yay… Live action mindlessgonzo!

030412BT says:

Im suprised that the sugar dissolves

mindlessgonzo says:


mindlessgonzo says:

@tektigeranium I’m not. I love milk. I’m just saying.

mindlessgonzo says:

@MrBroncS11 you’re welcome

mindlessgonzo says:

@BigM33100 great.

mindlessgonzo says:

@EvilSideStalker666 thinking of a Discorded Fluttershy I’d like to call

mindlessgonzo says:

@EvilSideStalker666 I’ve encountered several in progress. I’ll PM you them.

BestofNERF says:

@mindlessgonzo yea see i dont watch the show ive just read a couple fanfics
here and there and possibly and animation or 2 so i would not know what
your talking about.

mindlessgonzo says:

@BestofNERF …have you seen Episode 26, The Best Night Ever? She was
crazy! Plus she’s also cute.

mindlessgonzo says:

@324randomdude I was being thirsty. Plus it takes a while to brew it.

BigM33100 says:

If I drank tea I would try this

Daniel Rift says:

@mindlessgonzo any comics , fics you might recommend ? [add link pls]

mindlessgonzo says:

@blind2d yay! glad I helped you out!

mindlessgonzo says:

@tektigeranium Now you’re talking! Laptop’s are good.

Gogglewearingfreak says:

Sweet! I found another way of making tea instead of the old fashion way.
Thanks, man!

DrLeonSisk says:

XD Cocaine in tea.

John Puente says:

I think tea makes a grate substitute for booz because these confound ponies
will drive you even further to drink. X)

BestofNERF says:

@mindlessgonzo which pony persuaded you?

mindlessgonzo says:

@tektigeranium you posted that already.

tektigeranium says:

Also, I wad wondering where Flutterage went. I guess she needs*puts on
glasses* to chill out. YYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

BestofNERF says:

@mindlessgonzo why her?

MrJbabbitt65 says:

122 gave me a heartattack

saquan dauphine says:

I put some cinnamon in there and its so good

mindlessgonzo says:

@HankDeanMan At least you said things with that FIRST.

ZeroDoujinInfinite says:

hey my mom did that a while back

BestofNERF says:

@mindlessgonzo also one more thing , how did you become a fan of ponys and

tektigeranium says:

@mindleegonzo why do you have milk if you’re lactose intolerant?

canonshooterla says:

I love how all their ingredient list include sweetener … screw that enjoy
its true unadultered flavor

BestofNERF says:

@mindlessgonzo um btw you look like someone who inst really a pony fan or
“brony” you look more like someone who….id rather not say :/

NanoSpartanX2 says:

HEY! I think he stole this idea from that Jackass over there. Nice video.
Love the production.

John Smith says:

I love your videos

Axel Dark says:

I do the same thing only without the teabags and coffee pitcher

324randomdude says:

Did he just drink a soda while waiting for his tea? What was the point of
the tea then….. Aw well.

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