Making a Espresso Style beverage with Tassimo Coffee Maker

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Nff says:

ooh a small strong coffee amazing! wheres the crema? you know these capsule
machines cant call their “expresso” espresso. here is the definition: “A
double espresso is a 47-62.5 mL (1.5-2 ounce) extract that is prepared from
14-17 grams of coffee through which purified water of 88-95°C has been
forced at 9-10 atmospheres of pressure for a brew time of 22-28 seconds.”
the main point here is the “9-10 atmospheres” part. these machines can not
produce this ever.

dr4g0nk1ng says:

your hot and ready to go!

peter hart says:

so its not really an espresso machine? its just really a fancy filter

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

This is not espresso machine. It’s best for Coffee, Teas, Chocolate and
etc. Enjoy your cup,

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Thanks. We did corrected title. Enjoy your cup,

Andrew H says:

If I here ‘’ one more time I am going to puke. You must have
said it over 20 times in this video.

peter hart says:

Thanks I thought so, I only realised from reading the comments, the title
of the video is very misleading. it should be “making an espresso style
drink…” but so glad I realised before buying one. I thought it strange
the coffee blends available are from instant coffee suppliers..

LilChopAustin says:

Tassimo Video, Keurig Ad lol Google you make me smile

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Please don’t :). Drink more espresso or coffee instead. Enjoy your cup,

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Great comment. We actually did mention this in our videos. We call it
“Espresso Blend” :). Enjoy your cup,

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