Mad Father OST – Drevis Residence (Tin Coffee Maker)

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Music from the horror game Mad Father. Yes it is also in Misao DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything of Mad Father or it’s characters and neither do I own any of…


Hanji Zoe says:


Shelby Mullen says:

+InfernapeYoshi Madame Fawn?

Alex T. says:

put it on speed 2!

ZeldaHeart♥ says:

This kinda sounds like creepy circus music!

InfernapeYoshi says:

This kinda reminds me of that creepy woman from Okami……… I don’t
remember her name though….. The one in Agata Forest~

Jommel Marcella says:

This was also used in Misao. Same creator of Mad father.

Jean Kirschtein says:

This song is used at the beginning when the doctor and Maria are talking
The ending one is faster than this one.

Milla14140 says:

I searched for this music! It’s awesome, but you can feel the creepiness in
it :3

bunga yumi says:

U-um… Why Drevis Residence is very dark? In the garden to. Are all people
don’t know? …?

bunga yumi says:

It’s that just 1 day?

onlykittenlove says:

Wait. What.

Nani Torres says:

@carterprebish this is not from the end lol

Otaku4ever801 says:

He was actually a duck. /shot/

Jade Willson says:

I love this song SO much

Wolf Kalevala says:

Her name was Madame Fawn and yes this song is soo creepy

D.D. ATM says:

This song also played in “Misao” the game made by the same maker of Mad

Soho Park says:

Hehehe… Sen… Chihiro…Pizza Hut…Hehehe C8

Meggie Russell says:


Invert Shade says:

In the Library, I believe.

Otakugamer says:

Oh sorry thought you were with mary

Alice225 says:

So what??

i dunno says:

because it was night time when the curse happened

i dunno says:

HOLY CRAP! this was used in Misao! dang i’m a slowpoke

K5Somber says:


AnimeAdenture says:

So beautiful~

Otakugamer says:


Cassandra says:

isn’t this really just a slower version of the Mad Father Ending Theme?

Gilbert Beilschmidt says:

of its marry and ib how are you garry and i are fine

GeorgeSZK says:


Otakugamer says:

Hello *backs away slowly*

ευαγγελια γιακουμογλου says:

This soundtrack reminds me of thousands of dead people….I don’t think
it’s randomized xD

Bigyeti1369 says:

zerochan/1403922 (use .net)

kkube4 says:

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! I actually replayed the game just to listen XD good

Aracia says:

However, it is indeed fanart based off that picture.

Thesims3rocks1 says:


Nestor Dinamarca says:

my memory is a little bit bad but this song is in misao too right?

Dewdanew says:

Misao was made first but it does seem mad father is a prequel

Huadan Nox says:

This line makes me shiver.

miatheplayer says:

Me: *Realizes most of the comments are Ib roleplay or involving Ib* I
thought this was a Mad Father video…

Pizza Hut says:

Sen created Misao* Misao was made before Mad Father

ScoldedLuck says:

Chainsaws make a fucking life saver until your father takes it and attempts
to kill you with it because he wants to turn you into a doll to live
forever but naaaaw everything is fine unless you know the doctor ouo

PatronusCharmx31 says:

i’ve been hunting down for this song 😀

GuyWithChainsaw says:

”I know Father’s secret”

Gilbert Beilschmidt says:

hug’s for you too hugy hugy!

InfernapeYoshi says:

Ah, yeah. Now I remember it. Heehee ^^

Ahbahl says:

Nope, its in the crayon book video sequence and in an ending.

Gilbert Beilschmidt says:


halloweentown flimz says:


Huadan Nox says:

This song is a slow version of the track “Mad Father”, right?

PandaKaj MSP says:

Wrong..Mad Father created misao.

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