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I setup a Keurig One-Cup coffee maker as an early Christmas present for my wife. The Keurig Vue machines have gotten so cheap-…


EpicReviewGuys says:

Need a last minute Christmas gift? I bought this new style Keurig V500
coffee maker as a present for my wife.

Alex Reents says:

Keurig coffee makers are awesome 

Danny McAuley says:

this is a great coffee makers . i love my coffee
good size cup no milk
we can not get this in Australia yet

Cloudy1127 says:

i picked one up at walmart today it was $119 but also came with a $25 gift

Paige Westrum says:

I love the Keurig! I’m no a real big coffee drinker, but it makes hot
cocoa, latte and mochas too. My mom got one cuz she makes coffee in the

Charlette Oyekoya says:

You can now use the k-cups, coffee pods and others in your Kuerig Vue with
an adapter called Solofill V2. Its easy to use and makes your new view even
even more spectacular. One note theres the Solofill V1 and the V2 the V2 is
the one that allows you to use K-cups. You will love it. Theres a a video
on YouTube for it. Just plug in Solofill V2. It cost around $19.00 Bed bath
and beyond. 

David Thomas says:

great gift, i think your wife will enjot it

aj37258 says:

Thanks for your post. I also bought this as a Christmas present for my
wife. I was getting ready to call Keurig Customer Service about the VERY
loud pump noise on this machine until I came across your review. I had
exactly the same reaction you did (expressions and looking around to see
what was wrong with it) and cannot imagine using this machine first thing
in the morning unless I’m ready to wake-up the whole house. This is my
first Keurig and I am disappointed in how noisy it is. It should come with
a warning label or ear plugs.

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