Keurig Vue one cup coffee maker review

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Close First cup of coffee made with Keurig Vue. Got the Keurig Vue free from the HouseParty website. Link to closeup video of brewing: http:/…


Lonnie Honeycutt says:

Shot a closeup video for you on my last cup. Check the description for the

Martin DeVore says:

Thanks for posting this video. You are right. There are not many out there
of this type of device yet. I’m wanting to buy one too. It’s just a matter
of time. Has it become easier for you guys?

redog78 says:

Pretty neat just ordered one today looking forward to getting the only
thing I wish it did was being able to use the original k cups 🙁

renix says:

Just FYI she isn’t really wrong. Keurig’s under extract all coffee and make
it watery. You can test this scientifically with the right equipment, and
it has been done. Unfortunately, Keurigs just don’t brew correctly.

Cosasbebe1 says:

mine does that when calling Keurig they lied that they’ve never were made
aware of the problem but i see alot of videos and blogs re the problem non
the less this machine is great ive owned many it great if you do the math
this machine pays for its self

Masticina Akicta says:

Mmm coffee is not the easiest thing in life. There are lots of tastes some
like it hot others want it cooler. some like it strong enough to kick you
out of bed awake and others are well.. anemic. Being from holland if you
really want the good stuff… you gotta buy the beans yourself. And grind
them fresh and make your own melange.

ControlCardPin says:

Some varieties of cups are better than others, to be fair. Doing my
favorite coffee fresh ground in my cheap as chips coffeemaker tastes better
than my favorite Vue tried so far, but not by all that much, and even then
anything after the first cup from my pot is a lost cause. I like how
consistent it is, I don’t have to measure out water and coffee perfectly
and I don’t have to futz around all clumsy in the morning trying to do it
right. says:

Can you check and see if you have additional water leaking into your coffee
mug each time you use your Vue? Mine is leaking clear water into my coffee
from the second hole in the brew head. It’s not suppose to do this and you
can check my latest uploaded video. It shows that problem clearly. I
thought I could see a bit off water dripping into your cup the first time
you brewed the Dark Magic. Let me know if you have this problem. Thanks

Eric Kroh says:

you CAN use your K-Cups people!!…make a tiny hole in bottom of your
K-Cup…line that hole up with that travel pack and thats it…

Shannon Goldsmith says:

Good video you are right about the cost 250$ I got my Vue 50% off in
September was 125$ shipped from keurig I won the coupon off HouseParty.

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