Keurig vs BUNN MCU Single Serve Multi-Use Coffee Maker

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WHERE to BUY BUNN at Keurig at Keurig vs BUN…


noneyerbidness says:

how does the Keurig offer ‘just as much flexibility’ as the Bunn – when the
Bunn lets you use grounds, pods, K cups, etc?

the Keurig is very limited by comparison.

Steve Andersen says:

After using the Bunn every day for a month, this machine is by far the best
I have owned. I have been using two of the trays (ground coffee / and plain
water for tea) and they are great. I realized that if you take the metal
grate off and the drip pan off, you can fit taller coffee mugs below the
server. The machine goes into power saver over night but the minute you
touch the machine, it switches out of power savor mode and prepares hot
water instantly.

shenue says:

The BUNN issue of not knowing how much water is in the tank, is NOT an
issue. Works like this. Initial setup, you put X amount of water
(whatever the instructions say) into the tank and that heats up to coffee
brewing temp. Stays at that temp. Then when you pour your cold water into
the tank to make a cup of coffee, the cold water pushes the same amount of
hot water out to go over the grounds. So the cold water replaces that hot
water that has brewed coffee. Again, they are the same amount. The tank
quickly heats that cold water back up to brewing temp for the next cup to
be brewed. The amount of water in the tank never changes. Full tank of
hot water..pour in your cold, hot comes out (again same amount as cold that
went in) and the amount of water remains the same in the tank. Always
ready to go. That’s why the coffee came out immediately when the button
was pushed instead of the approx. 30 seconds or so of heating time that the
Keurig took before the coffee started coming out. However it would be nice
if the BUNN let you put in a taller mug. AND the setup time is barely any
time at all. Put in the initial amount of water, leave it plugged in and
you always have plenty of hot water ready to brew your coffee in about 30
seconds brewing time.

SmellMySweatyBalls says:

I want to chew my fingers off, then submerge my head into a preheated deep
fryer every time this guy says “button”.

0rnery says:

Nice comparison, but one important point is missing… which makes a better
tasting cup?

Bought my wife a Keurig for our anniversary (I quit drinking coffee a few
years ago). No matter what K-Cup she tried, none tasted good. Even using
our own coffee blend, it didn’t taste right. We’ve been using a Bunn GR10
(or previous iterations) for the last 30 years, and she likes what it
yielded. So, I replaced the Keurig with the MCU. Perfect coffee from the
very start. All the K-Cups tasted better as well. Probably due to the
higher water temperature.

It’s pretty easy to use too. Just fill your cup with water, dump it in,
and press brew. It’s almost perfect, except for the splashing mess, if a
shorter cup is used. Current price on Amazon is $137.00 & FREE Shipping.
Pretty good deal for a perfect cup of coffee and two year warranty. Our
previous Bunn Coffee Makers lasted well over ten years each.

glen jackson says:

Bunn also has a 2-year limited warranty, The Keurig 1-year limited

Hector Robles says:

Personally I LIKE THE BUNN Machine. the water part is easy and like other
comments I rather add fresh water then sitting water not hard to figure

fbtool says:

Bunn MCU (now $139) would be on my counter if it had a see thru water tank
and a way to take the tank out and wash it. Otherwise a great looking
coffee maker. I’m hoping when I replace my Keurig Bunn will have an
improved MCU with out much change to it’s “styling” Nice review!

Steve Andersen says:

You don’t need to know what the water level is in the Bunn machine because
the amount of water you fill into it, is the amount you will receive! Get
to know the machine before you critique it!!!! Obviously, your partial to

LarryNH914 says:

Something else about the Bunn brewer. It keeps the water hot, unless a long
time (hours) have passed. Then it goes to a lower temp, then it goes off.
When you remove the tray, it starts heating the water automatically again
and probably takes as long as teh Keruig to heat up. While it is brewing,
it is heating the next batch, so there is no delay for the next cup. You
only prime it once after purchase. Also, better for that larget travel mug
as you can get 14oz out of itas opposed to 12 oz for Platinum Keurig, 10oz
for lesser Keruig.

LarryNH914 says:

Not a good idea to use a Pitcher to fill Bunn!!!!!! Much easier to use the
cup you are filling, fill to where you want it to be. What you put in, you
get out. Bunn Wins! You can get 14oz out of it. NO FIGURING OUT WATER, THAT

Run Buh says:

Pricing comparisons aside… 1 – Is the Bunn essentially a single-brew
machine where you have to add water every time you brew? If so, then I
would not be so worried having a viewable tank 2 – Isn’t the drip tray and
cover removable on the Bunn in order to accommodate taller cups/mugs (this
is a built-in design feature)?

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Great :). Enjoy your cup,

Mariluz hilerio says:

what i do not like about the keurig? leaving the water in the plastic
container, tastes like plastic after awhile. The Bunn? i can add water with
the same coffee cup i am going to use, this way ill have just the amount i
want all the time. I say yes to the Bunn, I have been saving, i will be
getting it next week. Yea!

guessfilms says:

Bunn MCU is available in US at some Lowes Home Centers at $159.00.

aliped1 says:

No, they don’t sell MCU in Canada, but my MC is only a few months old so I
can’t really justify buying another one. I was hoping the extra brewing
baskets would work on mine, but it looks like I’m out of luck. Thanks for
trying to help,

svtcarboy says:

The only thing I would have mentioned in the price comparison is the MCU
includes the ability to use your own coffees and teas, where that is $15 to
$25 extra on the Keurig.

Why are we here? says:

They say the best way to make coffee is the simplest, old fashiod cafe
house french press, or as i see it in one aspect, a fancy way of making
‘instant coffee’ (a thousand times better quality of course) But you
mentioned something that has been on my mind ever since my first machine,
and that is ‘water quality’, is there really a difference in taste/quality
when it comes to filteration of water? that is distilled vs spring vs tap
vs mineral water?

svtcarboy says:

Thank you for the videos, as I have found them very useful in making my
selections for moving to single serve brewing, even if I went the exact
opposite directions with my 2 machines (the Bunn MCU for the extreme
flexibility for coffee, and the Nespresso U for the most automated
experience for espresso). I do love them both, and appreciate your input
and help!

aliped1 says:

I checked online and called Bunn Canada and found out my Bunn is an MC and
the MCU is not sold in Canada. I’m so disappointed as I was looking forward
to having the adaptor for ground coffee.

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

BUNN famous for quality product. But this model a little troublesome when
it goes to sleep mode. Enjoy your cup,

noobkillerpwnz says:

The Keurig definitely wins in terms of flashy buttons and fancy looks,
speed and ease. Wouldn’t the Bunn MCU be more comparable to the Keurig Vue
in terms of the strength and boldness of the coffee itself and the types of
brews, especially since it has the pulse option to brew a stronger cup
similar to the Vue? Because Bunn was always known for trying to find the
science behind getting the perfect full bodied brew with just the right

Kansas A says:

We went through two Keurigs in less than a year and a half, poor quality
for sure. I bought a Cruisnart k-cup machine and it’s lasted for about 3
years but it is now failing. It seems like the motors just give out, coffee
takes forever to brew and the rinse button won’t even work anymore. I’d
love to buy the Bunn if it had a water tank. Anyone know of one like the
Bunn but with a water tank?

jmsaltzman says:

That’s a bummer but you could dump in a cup of water before you make your
cup, from the same cup you’ll dispense coffe into. What does it do when the
water gets low?

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

BUNN officially released MCU only 3-4 weeks ago in US and it still not
available everywhere. I’m sure it will be available in Canada as well very
soon :). Enjoy your cup,

iSurvivor says:


Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

96% of Coffee Beverage is water. Yes it does affect quality of drink.
Filtered water will give you best flavor. Don’t go to extreme (distilled or
mineral) thought. Tap water have chlorine and etc. Not good for your health
and taste bad. Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Bunn have only internal reservoir so you can’t see it :(. Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

I think you can order it in US but have them ship to Canada (unless BUNN
make different machine for Canada). Do they sell MCU in Canada? Enjoy your

aliped1 says:

I own the Bunn but it only came with one basket. You mentioned there are
different brewing trays for it. for it. Are these sold separately? If so,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

BUNN brew hotter :). Enjoy your cup,

Thomas Waits says:

which machine brews a hotter cup? you didn’t put thermometer in glass
before brewing

Lynn Law says:

thank you… this really help 🙂

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Yes if you have Bunn MC then you can go to BUNN’s website and buy adapters
from them. They start from $10.99 and more. Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Great comment. Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Thanks. Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

Sure. Enjoy your cup,

MsSelenaJean says:

My keurig b70 is dying on me after barely 18 months of use and that is with
proper maintenance having been done 🙁 After reading countless reviews of
people who had trouble with their Keurigs I’ve been looking into getting
something else. I’m drawn to the Bunn as I drink a lot of tea besides just
coffee and it looks like it will brew a better cup of coffee with your own
grounds. I’m nervous since it has not been out long though.

Aromacup Coffee Maker Reviews says:

We are still waiting demo machine from Nespresso. Enjoy your cup,

firteen888 says:

When are you going to review the Nespresso Lattissima+ ? I’ve been waiting

noobkillerpwnz says:

Yea Bunn are kinda messier and harder to clean than the Keurig for sure, if
you wanted a Keurig that lasts a bit longer than other Keurigs you should
try the Commercial brewers such as the B145 OfficePro or B155 OfficePro
Premier, which are designed for continuous everyday use and have extra
durable parts. I don’t know why doesn’t ever review the
Commercial Keurig brewers tbh.

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