Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

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Demonstrating how simple it is to use a Keurig. You can see my full review here


mrdisco9999 says:

i love the variety of drinks available

mrdisco9999 says:

It’s too bad the unit can’t do whipped cream like the dolce gusto

ProductJunki says:

I love my keurig too! best thing ever invented! no more wasted 1/2 pot of

Sheri McDonald says:

My husband likes flavoured coffee, but it’s not for me either. I like the
black tea (which is what I was making in the demo) and the Folgers Classic
Roast, but there are a lot of varieties of regular coffees available.

Teresa Claire says:

I have always wondered how these worked. It is a lot faster than my coffee

mrdisco9999 says:

that’s a pretty neat gadget

Vesper Meikle says:

this would be useful for my husband as he likes to drink more coffee than I
do but it is also more expensive

Debbie Bashford says:

I love mine and love the huge variety of pods that are available

Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

thanks for the info sheri wonderful job as usual

Judy C says:

We have a Keurig store in London Ontario where you can go in and mix &
match the k-cups! Love being able to do this!

kristy edgington says:

didnt know you could use it for hot chocolate!

Jaime Brown says:

At first I thought that these machines were just a gimmic thing now that I
see how it works it will have to go on my wish list, thank you for a great

Darlene Schuller says:

Yes I’ve seen the Tim Hortons.. which i don’t mind but I can’t do that
stuff regularly. They are a beautiful machine though. I’m pretty sure it
won’t b long and hot chocolate will be available in the k cups… I’ll have
to really consider one of these. Thank you so much.

Jenn Erin says:

I really need one of these things! I was debating between the Tassimo and
the Keurig but I think the Keurig will be the winner!

Judy C says:

We just got on of these last week and I am loving it!

C ssm says:

It’s very convenient.

Sheri McDonald says:

There are already several kinds of hot chocolate, coffee, iced tea, hot
tea, apple cider, etc. You should take a look at my review.

MegaHistorygirl says:

Sheri, I’d love to win one of these! I love coffee and they look so easy to
use. Perfect for moments when you are alone or want to impress, lol. Thanks
for the opportunities to win some awesome prizes too :o)

Fan R says:

Would love to have Keurig , since we do not have any coffee machine, may be
one day I win and try all the fancy drinks.

Darlene Schuller says:

i blew my speakers this morning so I will rewatch shortly, just waiting for
hubby to get done with his… my daughter has my laptop or id’ use it..but
i need his speakers for a few things … thank you

Cathy Canton says:

I love the Keurig So easy and convenient

Cathy Canton says:

I love my Keurig Use it everyday! Love that I can use the refillable filter

Patricia Pickett says:

I am kind of a purist when it comes to coffee & cappuccinos/lattes, but I
must admit this would be so nice to have if you just want one quick cup.
Thanks for the demo!

5700Guppy says:

I have this same model and love it. It had quickly taken over from my
Tasssimo as my fav beverage maker.

Kim Barrett says:

I love my Keurig. (Sometimes I just use it as a quick source of hot water
for whatever reason!)

Jo Ann Moffatt says:

I won one of these machines a couple of months ago and I love it to pieces!
I like to try lots of flavors and teas/hot chocolates as do my adult boys
so it is perfect for us. I highly recommend this machine. I have the single
cup brewer as well. Cleaning up and maintenance is a breeze as well.

Brenda Penton says:

I love my Keurig! I also have a Tassimo, but since I got the Keurig it is
just collecting dust lol

Wanda Tracey says:

I don’t have a Keurig but my friend does and I enjoy different flavored
coffee with my visits with her.I really enjoy them.

Darlene Schuller says:

thanks for the demo! It does seem simple but wondering if it’s really worth
it for someone who doesn’t like flavoured or a variety of coffee..

toocutebowsandmore says:

Cool! I have a keurig.

Deanna Middendorf says:

The Keurig is a miracle isn’t it!! I watch my little grandsons and I’m so
happy that I can go in, push a button and whala!! I don’t miss a beat and
the kids can’t get by with anything because they have never left my site.

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