Keurig Mr Coffee Single Serve Review

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Just a quick video review/demonstration of the Keurig Mr. Coffee Single Serve Brewing System. A very handy and VERY easy coffee maker for anyone on the go a …


illegalmonkey says:

@AznTakumi short answer, YES! you can buy a k-cup filter online or in most
stores that will let you pour your own coffee grinds into it. i find not
only is it better since you can pick any coffee you like, but it’s cleaner
as well. it gets quite messy on the inside when you use the normal k-cups.

illegalmonkey says:

I don’t have the box anymore but I just got it from my local store. It was
about $15. I put a link to a pic of it in the description box.

Michael Pedersen says:

I don’t know I bought a Bunn and can brew a whole pot faster than this.
Still I think I want the Keurig, it’s hard to un-want something sometimes.

Lisa C says:

does it fit a travel-sized mug if you take the tray out of the bottom?

PCLady says:

Ok. Can you post the exact model of your KCup replacement? We bought one at
our local supermarket that spills water everywhere. It costs $20 too so big
waste of money. It would be so helpful, since you say there’s no mess and
works great with your own coffee. THANKS!

illegalmonkey says:

Yes. See my reply to a similar question below 🙂

Hant420 says:

this single serve coffee maker takes forever to brew compared to the bosch
tassimo or the keurig brand models

Jack C. says:

that reusable coffee cup you have over to the left of the Mr.Coffee….does
that fit?

illegalmonkey says:

@lchialisa you can fit any kind of cup w/ the bottom tray removed as long
as it’s NO MORE than 6 1/4 inches tall.

AznTakumi says:

I was thinking about purchasing this but I wanted to know if this fits a
filter for my own coffe grinds.

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