Keurig Mini Plus Coffee Maker

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I picked up a Keurig Mini Plus Coffee Maker and I have to say, its worth the money if you drink cofffee.


Terri S says:

Instead of flushing, use another kcup but of coffee, then brew that into
your cup of cocoa (larger cup of course) and you’ll have a mocha! No wasted
water. You may want to begin with dark chocolate and remove the drip tray. 

TheGoogler77 says:

Can a 16 oz cup be used or only 8 oz?

npo64 says:

I’m not a fan. A 100 bucks to brew a cup of coffee and to save what, a few
pennies? (or seconds in time?) If I had a dinner party, I’d have to brew
everybody’s coffee separately? We’d be standing in the kitchen all night
just waiting for coffee. I also wouldn’t want to lug out a 12 cup maker
from the pantry. Plus you can buy coffee in sealed pods if you’re afraid
of a little work cleaning out a filter basket. My coffee maker brews 2-12
cups. LOL. I wont be buying one. I think it’s rediculous.

Swamp Ape says:

Why not just buy the freeze dried coffee?

crusherbad64 says:

@alwaysasleep You can buy the packs in all kinds of different flavors. From
coffee, cocoa, tea, etc. Pretty much they have something for you at this
point. The one have is the cheap one that runs for $100. but the higher end
ones can cost a few hundreds.

thatfootballguy93 says:

8oz cups bitches!!!

larmor66 says:

I bought one at Christmas, but will be returning it to place of purchase
tomorrow. I don’t know if mine specifically is defective, or if the design
is defective, but about 40% of the time the seal on the top of the K-cup
bursts during brewing, spewing hot water and coffee grounds all over. I
dump out the ruined coffee, wasting one K-cup, clean the inside of the
machine of coffee grounds and start over. Not impressed.

nikahatt says:

You can also buy the keurig reusable k-cup so you can reuse it and use your
own ground coffee beans.

alwaysasleep says:

these things are goddamn cool. Kinda jealous I don’t like coffee. How much
do they regularly go for? would it be insane to buy one strictly for hot
chocolate making?

larmor66 says:

Also the hot chocolate mix in the K-cups is so sickeningly sweet, neither I
nor my wife can drink it.

natedog2004 says:

have you tried the apple cider yet ? if not i so recommend you get some 😀

nikahatt says:

I ordered the Flash Green colored keurig mini for my room for my 15th
birthday and I LOVE IT! It’s my favorite color and almost looks neon green
and the coffee is delicious!

Preston Farley says:

same for me. im also 13. getting one for my room

ElectricDeity says:

Yes, they do, and they also sell iced tea mixes.

bluetech7753 says:

Do they sell tea pack for this coffe maker ? I have been looking into
buying one of these aminly for tea.

ElectricDeity says:

They have HUGE packs of keurig style coffee at costco for fairly cheap. $30
for 100 cups, things like that. I’m seriously debating on getting one of

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