Keurig Mini B30 One Cup Coffee Maker | Video Review

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Michael Vorel of, reviews the Keurig Mini B30 One Cup Coffee Maker. The Coffee Maker is amazing and brews coffee, tea and cocoa using K-Cup…


mattb609 says:

can a 16oz travel mug fit under the dispenser ?

Michael Vorel says:

@JediMichael2003 sounds like a great price!

Michael Vorel says:

That’s great to hear! enjoy

Michael Vorel says:

@bried30 the smaller mini b30 is a quality machine and does consumes power.
However, with any coffee maker you will have a run up in electricity to
heat the water and hot plate. I tested mine and it does pull a surge for
the 3 minutes but compare that to a traditional hot plate coffee maker
(1000+ watt = 10 x 100 watt lights). I wonder about the power draw of
leaving a b70 on all day and the true cost of making coffee. Lately I brew
and put in a thermos as leaving a coffee maker on wastes $

Zhivago87 says:

I really wanted a keurig coffee maker but didn’t want to spend $170 on one
especially since its just for me. Thank you so much for introducing me to
the keurig mini!

ciao614 says:

And the time it took you to write a complaint about it’s foot print you
just killed a Polar Bear. (shakes head)

Michael Vorel says:

@mattb609 It should work as the bottom tray is removable and you can use a
larger mug underneath. Enjoy

bried30 says:

I like how they market the Mini as a smaller unit, which leaves a smaller
carbon footprint than the bigger, bulkier Keurig units, but then it takes
longer to heat the water and the power consumption for the Mini ends up
surpassing the bigger units, kinda ironic! Regarding the use of the
separate filter for brewing your own ground coffee, before you pop that
plastic filter into your Keurig, you must remove the existing housing
within the brewer. An important fact clearly overlooked!

warrior7568 says:

what size mug are you using in this video?

Michael Vorel says:

Glad you enjoyed the video! thx

amcsimoes says:

thank you for this video! i couldn’t figure out what i was doing wrong in
using the “My K-Cup” and your video saved me from returning the product.
Thank you!

Michael Vorel says:

Hi – I would recommend the Keurig Mini B30 as its only $79 and does exactly
the same thing as the bigger B70. I have both and for the value you can’t
beat the smaller version.

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