Keurig K75 Platinum Coffee Brewer Unboxing and Features Overview

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I got this to feed my caffeine addiction. Don’t worry, I will have some gaming reviews uploaded later this week. ▻Subscribe! ▻My Gaming G…


Brie Fletcher says:

Did you buy this one from Costco?

travis chong says:

you have down syndrome and family history of retardation .

Dominic Niven says:

well how muscular are u eating fuckin bacon all day long

vargonian says:

Does that coffee brewer (or any of the Keurig brewers) make espresso shots?
At my last company, we had this awesome machine that used El Dorado coffee
pods which made awesome espresso (for my tastes, anyway).

VeryTraumatic says:

They lied to us about watercooling…even with a reservoir this big, I get
idle temps of 80 degrees…

travis chong says:

go look at his training video retard.

Arthur Rasmusson says:

where do i go to download the latest drives for this?

Dominic Niven says:

chillax the fuck down look what happen when u eat bacon

Player says:

Nice machine.

GTXFerrari says:

k cups are dank. check out la colombe coffee. best coffee in the world
better than starbucks..

Teqwahh Lewis says:

ur stupid


Can wait for you to review the razer edge, I’m considering buying it, if
you don’t want yours you can always give it to me, but anyways great vids
that you upload, the first vid I watched was the x51 unboxing,( but I went
for custom build)

LaGekko says:

Fucking beautiful

GTXFerrari says:

you sound like a little bitch trying to belittle people. do you even lift

Arthur Rasmusson says:


wiff98 says:

Have you fucking seen him?!?!?

Cry Thor says:

hey look, my old laptop.

crlady17 says:

What’s the difference between platinum k75 & platinum b70?

darknessseess64nin says:

only a gamer would call it a reservoir…

travis chong says:

It just makes me extra sensitive to homos like u . haha Im chillin.

BorderlandsNerf says:

But will it run Crysis?

rod lopez says:

I like the blue lights sweet

LazyKris89 says:

I wouldn’t pay $200 for a glorified coffee maker.

xGHzGaming says:

hey guys please check out my channel i hate myself for doing this but i am
ill at the moment and cant do really anything but make videos would mean a
great deal if you could give me some feedback. thanks for reading if you
did. xGHzGaming

itachiateballs says:


Bruce Anderson says:

I have been drinking Coffee since before i was born

Teqwahh Lewis says:

well you smell.

travis chong says:

is the best u got kiddo? lol was expecting much better than this weak

Kris Paolini says:

i have the exact same one

travis chong says:

More muscular than you can ever be in your life. so I assume you dream all
day long ?? dreaming of fucking boys all day long? lol

travis chong says:

My god do I really sound like your mom? Haha yes I do lift and I even help
lift your mom’s saggy tits . But I guess u don’t if not you would have
agreed he ain’t the most muscular commentator. He should work out in the
gym outside instead of his home and he will change his definition of

travis chong says:

Most muscular gaming commentator? U aint muscular at all no offense

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