Keurig K-Cup vs Keurig VUE vs Keurig Rivo – Which Keurig Coffee Maker is right for you?

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Where to BUY: Keurig K-Cup & VUE: Keurig Rivo: Which Keurig Coffee Maker is ri…


Igor Del Norte says:

Which Keurig Coffee Maker is right for you? Keurig K-Cup, Keurig VUE or
Keurig Rivo? 

edd hernandez says:

What about just regular coffee. (black, vanilla, hazelnut, ect)

Mark Chinsky says:

I agree, I can’t believe Keurig couldn’t figure out how to design a machine
like the Rivo but that could also make K-cups. Nobody wants 2 devices on
the counter and nobody wants to spend this much on both. At that level, you
might as well buy a true Fully Automatic Coffee maker like a Gangia or

Amanda Lutterman says:

I love my Keurig K Cup brewer. I use the My K Cup with my brewer and have
had zero problems. I highly recommended Keurig k cup machines!!!

Matt Allen says:

“Cure-eeg” lol

alwezhpy says:

Hi. Just an update. Gevalia has released a cappuccino K-Cup product that
uses a tube of powdered milk added to the empty cup just before brewing
the included coffee. For an instant product, it’s pretty good. 

RobFord StoleMyCrackPipe says:

You can buy k-cup “espressos” but they are more or less just glorified dark
roast coffees. There is a fake Chai Tea Latte you can get too, but it uses
a whitener as opposed to actual milk

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

K-Cup patent is expired last September. So anyone can make K-Cups today. So
that why we have VUE :). Enjoy your cup,

foxy girl. says:

thanks for this video! you are cute too 🙂

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Solofill V1 Gold reusable filter for Keurig Vue. We’ll publish Solofill V2
review soon. V2 will allow you to use K-Cups. Stay tuned,

griff3n69 says:

so what is that solo fill thing can you buy any store bought tea packets
and use in it? I am considering getting one as a gift for some coffee and
teas. Which is better the kcup or v700? I saw the kcup has a lot more tea
options so is there benefit to the vue over having more tea options on the

roxiegru says:

I was very pleased at the information shared in comparing various Keurig

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Thank you. Enjoy your cup,

sweetnightingale2907 says:

I almost got a Rivo, but I had a heck of a time getting my hands on one so
chose the Nespresso Citiz instead and bought the Aeroccino 3 to go along
with it. Works great and I love it. Also love my V700. Don’t know what I
did without either one now. Great review, and thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

Perfect2257 says:

what is the name for reusable k-cup for the vue so I can brew my own coffee
and Do I have to buy the filters separetely?

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Yes every patent have a time period. You can make your own coffee with VUE
thought. Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Good point :). Enjoy your cup,

Chau Pham says:

(5:18) will the vue cup patent ever expire? k cups are blowing out vue cups
in pricing per pod. almost 100% price difference per pod. thats the ONLY
thing that frustrate me being a vue v700 owner.

Josh Vincent says:

Will the vue come out with many more flavors of coffee like the k-cup? I
like the Vue larger cup sizes and 2 step processes . Many options about the
Vue i like but limited options in coffee flavors(i love rich, deep flavors)
make me hesitant. If they will start rolling them out sooner or
later…thats what im looking forward too. Otherwise, i will get the k-cup.

Deprofundis2 says:

funky back ground

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Great. Enjoy your cup,

jewdyism says:

i thought that at first, then i visited a relative with a keurig and found
i actually really liked it. it’s nice to have an easy, premium cup of
coffee for the first cup of the day. and the prices for the kcups
themselves are more competitive now, albeit still prohibitively expensive
for some. personally one of my favorite things about the keurig is the
ability to offer an assortment of premium hot drinks when i have guests

MpowerdAPE says:

ireally dont get Keurigs business model. the k-cup/vue-cup thing seems
counter productive unfriendly to customers. they could’ve made a machine
that made both. why wouldnt they…?

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Thanks. Enjoy your cup,!

parfumbuzz1 says:

I luv my v700 it’s the best 🙂

May Saffar says:

Will wait till they cme up with a coffee maker that does both: regular
coffee, expresso, and real milk froth. I am not crowing up my kitchen
counter with two machines. I live in a small condo and space is not a

Nell Richardson says:

I demonstrate Keurig Brewers and they are all awesome!

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Yes :). Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Thanks :). Enjoy your cup,!

Igor Del Norte says:

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