Keurig K-Cup Brewer vs My French-Press (non electric K-Cup coffee maker)

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WHERE TO BUY: Keurig: My French-Press: Keurig K-Cup Coffee Maker vs My Fren…


James McTavish says:

“This is non-mechanical,” followed almost immediately by “so, this

It’s a non-mechanical machine, then? Cool.´╗┐

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

They are totally different. Aeropress exctraction a lot better and it makes
Espresso-Like coffee. Enjoy your cup,

Uther says:

Great review and detailed information. Thanks again for the annotations on
the side. Really nice to be able to jump back in forth in the video to the
different sections, and I wish more people would do this in their reviews!

ImportMynded05 says:

Still months later and videos and coffee makers later. He still says Keurig
wrong. It’s Pronounced “CURE-EGG” not Kru eeeg omg it’s driving me nuts.

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Thanks. Great comment. We did covered adapters in detailed review for
Cafejo’s. We personally think it’s great innovation :). Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Thanks you. We are appreciate feedback. Enjoy your cup,

Mouse Dresden says:

THe My French-press looks like the Aeropress but with different adaptors.
How does the taste compare?

Clay Rolfes says:

Cafejo’s Ground Coffee and Pod Adaptors that are included when you buy the
My French Press also work in the Keurig brewers. This is a point you should
mention in your next video. Also, you should try brewing Cafejo Pods
instead of Senso pods, the have more coffee per pod so they brew a proper
cup. Great video… Keep it up

ControlCardPin says:

Welllll… it’s still mechanical. Just not electric. lol Just being a
smartass, I dig your videos!

Clay Rolfes says:

Cafejo’ s

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Thanks. Enjoy your cup,

Nadav lerman says:

Can you please make a video review of nespresso lattissima plus. Please
Thank you very much

Omi says:

How do they compare in terms of flavor?

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