Keurig Hot 2.0 K425 Plus Series Coffee Maker Review

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Review of the Keurig Hot 2.0 K425 Plus Series Coffee Maker

With this coffee maker, you have the ability to brew 3 Different ways:

1. Brew a cup 4-12oz with k-cup pods
2. Brew a mug 12-16oz with k-mug pods
3. Brew a carafe 22-30oz with k-carafe pods

You can even make coffee using your own coffee grounds by using a k-cup reusable coffee filter:

If your interested in the keurig/k-cup holder you can find it here:

Purchase this coffee maker now:

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doorway22 says:

I would give a thumbs up if it wasn't for that annoying stupid music playing.

Lupita Santos says:

Got one today 🙂 thanks for sharing this video! It was really helpful ☕️

Jeff Epstein says:

This so far doesn't look so good. I have been researching these models, isn't this kind of slow when it pours the coffee compared to others like the K55? Do you think that noise is annoying or loud?

David Deleon says:

Do you have to run a filter

Ken says:

can you recommend a good carafe coffee filter for the K425 and can you make a single cup with the carafe filter?

Rebecca NC says:

I'm not particularly happy with this model. Great technology, hotter coffee than my older model that I purchased in 2013 but my coffee just doesn't taste as good as it does in my older model.

Ken says:

Do you get many coffee grinds in your coffee. You can see one in this video when it poured

krissy nichols says:

Awesome Video. I need one of these. This is great. Thanks for sharing.  Love the holder on the bottom. Doing a great job guys. KNW

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