Keurig Coffee Makers

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WHERE TO BUY: So you’re not quite sure which Keurig Coffee Maker is right for you? Each of the Keurig Brewers has its ow…


Jeff D says:

OMG this is SOOOOOO helpful!!! Thanks so much!

Amra Ahmic says:

Your camera sucks . Lolol

Saki Tumi says:

Too bad that this video didn’t include the extreme poor reliability of
Keurig coffee makers.

Josh G says:

I use a travel mug. (Your average size, for when I drive to work). Will it
fit under the drip? And will the B40 be able to fill it up?

themanzl says:

Although the brewing time of the B40 is about 12 seconds as opposed to the
mini’s 75 seconds, the mini is great for personal use for one or two
people. Making multiple cups can take some time, and in that case the B40
would be a better fit in that situation. I bought the mini for my wife, and
she loves it.

brian botkiller says:

New video I did for Aromacup: Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews and Comparison

Regina Graves says:

Love my Keurig!!! Shows all the models has come out. Once you taste a
cup of Coffee or Tea you are hook. K-CUPS are coming out new varieties.

elschumann says:

Thank you for the comparison and hands-on demonstrations! Unfortunately,
the camera’s constant zooming in and out and jerky movement made me feel
sick, lol!! Now I know what using a Keurig on a boat is like :P

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

That why we have this comparison, so people can see the difference :). But
B30 smaller and don’t have water tank. Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

:). Enjoy your cup,

Ross Ser says:

if you zoom one more time i’ll break your camera.

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

@DeconAtlantic He’s fired and killed :). But he had reincarnation. Please
check our new videos. You’ll love them.

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

@Cance251 I would encourage you to check reviews from other websites.
Personally I have 6 Keurig’s (different models) and I do use them but not
very often since I have to rotate them. I don’t had any problem with them
at all. Home this helps.

MakeupConnoisseur11 says:

Thanks for the review and the motion sickness.

Bradley estridge says:

Gracias!!!!!!!!!! 😉

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

@Bonnieboe Great choice. Keurig B40 is great brewer.

PinkGeekification says:

Hate to say it, but the video, for all it’s information, is almost
unwatchable due to the constant zooming and panning. A stationary shot from
a tripod with a mild swing and possibly a SINGLE zoom in on the buttons for
each machine is entirely enough. This made me slightly nauseated from all
the movement.

m k says:

All the camera movement gave me Vertigo. I have one of showcased machines
and the coffee tastes like dishwater no matter which type of *cups I use,
no matter what grind I use for the attachment. Giving my machine away to
someone I don’t care for very much

Douglas Girardot says:

I’m content with my little red guy on the far left!

Bonnieboe says:

This video was very informative,but I didn’t like the zooming. I decided to
get the Keurig B40 because there is only two differences( one more cup
size, and LCD screen). Which is nice, but not for 50-80 dollars

itisallaboutme4ever says:

hope to get on for Christmas from my mother and father

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Agree :).

youcantcme2 says:

B40 is the best

leslie lewis says:

Ok what idiot would buy the b30 you made three cups in the time it took for
one travel only definitely not home use

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

You will get 1 Cup of coffee but you will choose how much water thought (4
oz, 6 oz, 8.oz and etc.). You can’t reuse them. Enjoy your cup,

Jay Zarna says:

does this only work with K cups? What about other coffee blends that are
not in kcups?

Anthony Cosadal says:

I never drink coffee, but right now I am using a Keurig to make a coffee to
survive my college class. 🙂

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

@jameygamer Keurig brewers same inside (except Keurig B30, Keurig-Cuisinart
and Keurig Breville). So they all make same quality beverages. Personally I
would recommend Keurig B60 because in my opinions it’s best value/features
choice. Hope this helps.

Marlon Trujillo says:

Your camera man sucks balls! But I love the coffee makers!

Al Non says:

great informative video. Im not so critical of camera or audio SINCE ITS A
VIDEO ABOUT MAKING COFFEE. Seriously folks, if you have to post about pan
and zoom for a video about keurigs, where is youre life at right now? Take
a step back and have a look. -Just wonder who ever makes the smallest size
coffee with b60? thats like 1/2 a normal human serving. Ive never used
anything but the largest size which will mostly fill a small mug.

Al Non says:

way to troll

Erick Puentes says:

I may be late to commenting but just checked out this video. I love the
Keurig concept and have purchased THREE of them. All three have fail on me
after a years time. Coincidentally shortly after the warranty has expired.
I’ve taken extreme care of my machines and yet they have all failed. Is
anyone talking about this epidemic? Its something that Keurig is aware of
but sort of dismiss as user error oppose to their own. Any others have
issues? Damn shame cause I like the concept.

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Thanks you. Enjoy your cup,!

smithls85 says:

Great video Brian! Thank you for zooming in on the features. That was what
I really wanted to see. I think I will go with the B60 because of this vid.

Why are we here? says:

Also forgot to mention im in Canada so maybe theres a market-trade
difference? it has a de-scale option and a drainer, and silver
top/baseline, as opposed to all black

Omar S. says:

So what’s the difference in me using my 20$ machine and filling it up with
water from the cup and putting coffee grind in the filter? like only one
more step?

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Great. Enjoy your cup,

femmenen01 says:

Who is the editor!? Why all the zoom in zoom out!? I have motion sickness.

punchmaster123 says:

I have the platinum one

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

@sl8tr99 Here’s tip for you: You can get lifetime warranty with Cafe
Express coffee club. Visit our site for more details.

nikahatt says:


Stephen Vela says:

im 16 dont really like coffee unless its got alot of creamer but these
things are just so badass i want one

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Yes and no. B145 have Drainable internal hot water tank. I think it’s for
Office Coffee. Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

@teafourtao :). Our new videos don’t have overdosed with coffee operator

FanglezTheEmoBoy says:

I have the B-70, well for my dad.

jayw2008 says:

The b40 at home and b70 for wrk life is good

drdavidmad says:

Great review, thanks for posting

bambam24509 says:

its not just coffee and tea guys. its also hot chocolate!

Andrew McClintock says:

U dont waste a whole pot of coffee


My keurig is not workn

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