Keurig Coffee Maker Review by InetCreations

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Demonstration and review of the Keurig coffee maker. Also demonstrate use of the My K-cup.


inetcreations says:

@stevenshizzle Thanks for the nice note. Enjoy your new coffee maker!

Steven H says:

I enjoyed your video. I wasn’t really sure exactly how these worked or how
the my-k-cup worked, but now it’s all a lot clearer for me.

Tomlinson says:

Do you need creamer?? Or is it good just by itself?

delliswierd says:

Cool! Thanks

bberkes says:


diannaharbin says:

This is a wonderful video, well demonstrated, and I appreciate what you
have put on here. Thank you.

MrYoda1972 says:

hi. how many cup of coffee can 1 k-cup make?

vware1 says:

Best review of the B60 thus far..I just got my unit and I love it!

aniceitem says:

Great review i like the fact you can buy that my k cup extra device.

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