Keurig Coffee Maker Review and Demo

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TheHelpfuldad talks about the Keurig Coffee Maker and shows you how to make a cup of coffee with the machine. Hint – it’s so easy even an occasional coffee d…


TheHelpfuldad says:

sounds good. I’ll have to give it a try – thanks!

sunsetlover says:

oh and Jamaica me crazy is a coffee with a hint of coconut,,, its really

Sandra Teager says:

Hehe…your reply brought a smile on my face! Most definitely i will! =)

Sandra Teager says:

Looks good! Would cerainly come in handy for a frequent coffee drinker like
myself! =)

sunsetlover says:

I will do a review on mine… I get my Kcups at costco..

TheHelpfuldad says:

always glad to hear from you, my friend. Stay thirsty 🙂

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