Keurig Coffee Maker Reusable K-Cup

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I didn’t purchase this reusable filter based on the less than 3 star reviews. I told my husband about the reviews but he purchased the reusable filter anyway…


Jennifer Kline says:

Good video girl. 

Kim Perez says:

You did a great job with this video. Very helpful. Thanks for making!!

Dalia Gamboa says:

Thankyou 🙂 it was a good video

Cheri Denn says:

Thank you!!!

OneFlorida Hippie says:

I know I sound crazy, but I honestly couldn’t figure out how to use that.
Thank you so much for the video!

K Le Blanc says:

Very helpful, I just got mine for Christmas and I don’t drink coffee, so I
now can make my tea.

3puttdog says:

As leader of the knucklehead section – thank you! I was wondering this very
morning how in the hell to use the filter part. That’s what I get for
running out of K-cups.

Rainy Lynn says:

Thanks a lot. I just bought my parents a brewer and I bought them some of
these and I need to know exactly how to use them. This helps tons! You have
no idea! =D

Candice RS says:

Thank you!

bipolarjay says:

Thanks! Opted to use the reusable K filter instead of one of the K cups
that came with the Keurig and I made my very first cup on this machine and
it tasted great and was 100% coffee-grain free! Honestly, best cup of
coffee I’ve had in a while! Having this reusable filter makes this product
outstanding! Thanks again for helping me figure out how to remove the
original piece from the Keurig!

ourtwicebabies says:

Of the three videos I have seen on reusing a K cup, yours is the best.
Thank you and I am at Amazon right now looking to purchase some sort of
reusable K cup. Right now am looking at several types and I think I will
purchase this one instead. :-)

Robin Davis says:

Thanks for the video. Couldn’t figure it out on my own. LOL

Carlene Lawson says:

Thank you for this video, it was very informative. We recently purchased a
Keurig & was trying to decide if we wanted to purchase the Keurig reusable
K-cup or one of the other less expensive reusable cups. We are going with
the Keurig K-cup. Thanks for your video & the advice about not filling it
to much.

Sadia Mirza says:

Thank you, your video helped me a lot :)

george norris says:

Thanks very helpful in making my decision

bellydancerinanna says:

Thanks I was wondering how to put in that filter 🙂 Helpful!

MsNishawn says:

Very helpful video …Im not working right now so its cheeper to use the
filter I think. K cups can be expensive. Thank you.

Rebecca Janke says:

Great video, I just bought my first Keurig Platinum yesterday from
Costco,Great deal incase anyone is interested. Only $125 and it included 60
K-Cups and the reusable filter. Watching your video was very helpful, Much
easier than sifting through the manual, Thanks again 🙂

Michelle Fuller says:

Yes. Was very helpful. I couldnt figure out how to use it or take out the
other filter for the life of me.

sadiaa14 says:

VERY helpful!!! Thank you!! We’re going to save so much money now! AND this
is way better for the environment! Thanks! says:

how to use keurig coffee maker

Visit :

bassguyification says:

It does not work

Karan Odom says:

Your coffee looks weak, like tea.

TomAndLars says:

Oh ya, and if the coffee is to fine then it will slip through the filter

sbeckas says:

Nicely done! Does it matter whether the ground coffee is fine or course? I
want the coffee to be rich and bold so is finely ground better?

rcceducation says:

Thank you, instructions not useful with filter but your video very helpful
so I raise my rating of filter because of your demo

y cho says:

Thank u for posting!

gypsyThree97 says:

Thank you! I use a Melitta javajig and I kept getting grounds in my coffee
but I see I have been putting too many grounds in. Less really does mean
more in this instance.

Amanda Collin says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this.. My husband and I have been doing
research thinking about getting a Keurig and I think its going to happen!
Thank you and great job!

rob kuhnke says:

I use two tablespoons. Always have used this measurement for a cup of
coffee. I like my coffee on the strong side. I did not get any grinds in my
cup. 🙂

Victor Parra says:

Thank you! My Keurig came with one and the instructions but I have no idea
where I placed them during my move after school ended. I couldn’t figure it
out haha but you helped me. I can’t wait to try it now

RussellRoesner says:

Dunkin donut coffee is full of chemicals and tastes like muddy water. Who
drinks coffee that weak? It looks like tea…….thanks for the lesson on
how to pop out the filter. FYI to you: The contraption you removed is
called a filter. : )

Michael Roche says:

This helped us a lot. Thanks for taking time to make the video.

Richard Grove says:

Good Video….Thank you for sharing!! :-))

Michael Graf says:

thanks for making this video. Filled in some blanks for me. 🙂

Joseph Leonard says:

that coffee maker looks like a pian in the ass what a mess

Christina Ann Cruz says:

Thanks for the tip about not filling it up all the way. I’ve wanted one of
these coffee makers for a while but I was worried about the amour waste
produced with each K-cup especially since I tend to have several cups
through the day. My husband just bought me this exact same brand today and
I was super excited to see he found a reusable k-cup. I haven’t tried it
yet but I would filled the cup all the way up. Thanks for the tip :-).

Th33Vultur3 says:

Why does your coffee look weak and watery?

Animaniak says:

Thank you!!

LARRYBEE1827 says:

too much time and cleaning. I’d rather get the pre-filled

Tina Ha says:

thank you! Very helpful. I was looking at a bunch of videos and no one
showed how to pop off that piece.

Christineeve says:

You saved me so much time and grief. THANK YOU!

Rob v says:

Is a good thing I didn’t buy the reuse k cup looks like it takes to much
time to deal with I will keep using my own method and the coffee is way
better than the k cups u buy at the store!!!

Karen B says:

Thanks for this excellent demostration of the reusable K-cup. I would
surely have filled it all the way. My husband was so pumped about getting
one of these for Christmas. But like you, he read the review and changed
his mind after getting the rest of the family pumped up about it. So tough
toenails, he’s getting one…LOL!

Vill3tt32009 says:

Thank you! Very helpful video!! 🙂

Joyie Bradley says:

So very helpful as I did not know how to insert the K Cup and remove the
existing one. There are no instructions on the purchased item. Thank a

Chad Weaver says:

Thank you so much!! super helpful!! 🙂

crashk1955 says:

I agree. Like you I’m lazy and don’t care about the environment, the taste
of my coffee nor cost.

Forest Whitaker says:

did not meet my expectations. left me with coffee grounds in the coffee
maker. regular Keurig cups are much better here is the link to it in case
anyone is interested: amzn.to10Sv7M9

MsSassyMT says:

This was very informative. Thanks for sharing.

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