Keurig Coffee Maker!

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Close here is my LIFE saver every morning!!! hope its informative!


sbgal310 says:

Can you put a commuter cup underneath it? I love peppermint mocha creamer

alittleaboutalot says:

@StoliDassah it is awesome. i always have the hot cocoa pods..and yes there
is tea too! it is all around awesome!

alittleaboutalot says:

@justcallmeviv i can’t imagine life without it now! my nails are done with
a konad nail stamp art kit i have a video on how to do it!

alittleaboutalot says:

@sbgal310 yup! the panel on the bottom slides out so if you have a taller
mug or commuter cup it can fit!

RubyLovesRocket says:

i love Keurig’s! My grandma has one, and i think she’ll be getting my mom
or myself one for christmas. I hate coffee, but it also does tea and cocoa,
which I love! It’s a fab hot drink machine.

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