Keurig B70 Platinum Review B78 B77 Single cup home brewing coffee maker

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This is the updated version of the Keurig B70 Platinum brewer. Internally it is now known as the B78. It has several notable upgrades to the venerable B70. T…


Alex Iqal says:

Where did you get this model? I cannot find it on Keurig’s website or on
the link you provided. I am just finding the “60 oz.” version. I really
love yours and would love to have one. Also How old was your machine before
they agreed to replace it free of charge? I have called for troubleshooting
and they have not offered the replacement to me. Was yours within the
warranty peroid? Could you give me the model number of yours? I have tried
searching b77/b78 and cannot find it. Thank you.

Reviews, Tutorials & Tech says:

@apisdashiz You’re gonna love it. Some people were saying that the failure
rate is high because you need to use distilled water and most people don’t
so it gets clogged up with deposits. Do the math though, if it lasts one
year and you spend $3/wk on distilled water, you just bought a new Keurig
anyway… plus Keurig will probably replace the one that craps out anyway.
Win Win.

Reviews, Tutorials & Tech says:

@aiqal315 My old unit was out of warranty by 3 months but I had a service
call into them before the warranty had expired so I think that helped. I
could not find the unit on their website either but when I called, the
woman told me it was replacing the older model. I guess I’d suggest calling

apisdashiz says:

Great review I just ordered myself one from amazon.

apisdashiz says:

Odds are it will all add up cheaper than buying d&d or Starbucks almost
every morning so I’m not too concerned lol. Plus I’ve heard they sell

joquirk840 says:

Michael – excellent review. Concise, clearly spoken, and a good honest
review of the product. Much appreciated.

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