Keurig B70 One Cup Coffee Maker | Video Review

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Michael Vorel of, reviews the Keurig Mini B70 One Cup Coffee Maker. The Coffee Maker is amazing and brews coffee, tea and cocoa using K-Cup…


Michael Vorel says:

good for you, try the darker roasts and donut series from Green Mountain
Coffee. Also I like the chai tea, mocha and glazed donut kcups.

Craig Shand says:

Question Do you only get one cup of coffee.For every Pack you put in. If so
that does not seem to appealing. That would be one pricey machine.
Basically buying each cup.

benjii2414 says:

@projectgadget Like I said we have had @ one month and my wife and I are
continuing to expand our choice of K-Cups. She drinks tea and rarely
ventures into coffee. She likes both the Bigelo Green tea and the earl
grey. We have recently ordered the Green Mtn Coffee Hot Cocoa mix. Have
found it needs to be set on one of the 2 smaller cup sizes for the best
texture and flavor. Are currently using distilled water but have heard
others using different. Any suggestions?

Michael Vorel says:

@benjii2414 I did find the cocoa was better with less water and the teas
were very convenient. Filtered water should be fine and personally
preferred the xl versions of the kcups as they were bolder styles.Good luck
and enjoy over the holidays!

Michael Vorel says:

@MusicLova84 right on, this is a cool coffee maker

Michael Vorel says:

@ultratec66 interesting comment. I don’t work for Keurig but what happened?

yogi0152 says:


Myra1959 says:

@projectgadget I bought a Keurig B40 machine two weeks ago. I love the
machine and the Kcups.

Michael Vorel says:

@GOberdorf good to hear, I would imagine that you will be seeing more an
more kcups everywhere. Tip – I just received the larger size kcups and
really give you a full bodied cup of coffee.

Mike Griffin says:

The new model with I got today actually has “5” sizes. Although the
smallest is pretty useless due to it being soooo small .. I upgraded from
my B60 … these machine are AWESOME for any coffee lover. Also nice to
offer MULTIPLE flavors to friends and visitors to the house.

Michael Vorel says:

Glad you liked the review. I experimented with the video location and shot
in a large room so the sound was not the best. Each video gets better and
appreciate the feedback. By the way, great coffee maker!

benjii2414 says:

Have a wonderful holidays.

swotrucker says:

These are the best coffee makers, Only problem i have is finding Kcups in
my area.. Seems limited Variety, But i use the adapter and my own coffee.
Works great for me!

debowh says:

This is the best machine in my apartment I have a cinnamon gloss one really

ultratec66 says:

@projectgadget On my 6th machine in just over 6 months. Works for a week or
two or so, then I get the “Prime” Prime Prime. The new one they sent me
again (#6) I have had over a week now, with no problems. If this one messes
up, Im gonna flip. I also use high end filtered reverse osmosis water. They
say they are aware of this problem, which has been going on for years! Wish
they could fix the pump problems!

Michael Vorel says:

Appreciate the feedback, cheers!

Michael Vorel says:

@MikeyGee001 amazing to have 5 different sizes. Maybe people are taking the
extra bold versions and making espresso shots. Which model did you get?

Michael Vorel says:

Great to hear! You can find kcups at supermarkets & Target these days but
since you have the my kcup you should be all set. Thanks for commenting.

cocofanar says:

I got one. The only thing i dislike is that you can’t set your own
temperature of the coffee, and personally the coffee could be hotter.

George Oberdorf-Davis says:

Best place and selection of K-Cups is definitely Bed Bath and Beyond…
amazing selection!

Michael Vorel says:

@mtaylor345 personally, I never has an issue with a Keurig brewer and feel
you should go ahead with the purchase. I don’t work for Keurig but isn’t
that the purpose of a return policy or warranty? Green Mountain Coffee who
owns them is very reputable and think that often reviews are exaggerated
and not accurate (that’s why i started projectgadget(dotcom) :). My tip to
you is to get a my k-cup so you can use your own coffee and to try the
larger size kcups. It’s really easy and fast.

Thunor232 says:

Was this recorded in a tunnel?

Michael Vorel says:

@debowh that sounds amazing, enjoy!

CPU Meltdown says:

Good review. work on that sound quality though. I will more than likely
snag one of these for the wife this x-mas.

Michael Vorel says:

@Myra1959 that’s great to hear. Enjoy!

Michael Vorel says:

@atllady57 Hi Nancy, I would contact Green Mountain coffee and ask them.
They have great support and can walk you through it. Your story sounds like
you may have a defective unit.

MusicLova84 says:

This is effin AMAZING!!! I’m in love! Whoever invented this is a genius!!

Anthony Brancati says:

i am sold!

Michael Vorel says:

@ultratec66 wow, that’s amazing to have 6 machines. Hope it works out for

Anna Howell says:


benjii2414 says:

Well, I have no hard luck stories to share about this machine. I have had
mine for over 1 month now…supurb. I enjoy the Tullys french roast the
best. The caribu daybreak is also one my favorites. I have found NO
downside yet. I don’t know what some of these folks drink normally if they
find these coffees weak….mud. The strength of all of these blends seem
great. I don’t know I think some people just like to bitch. Well anyway I
am totally satisfied.

Michael Vorel says:

@imusbcraz agreed! never liked the plastic taste of a bottle of water in
the sun. You should just return it as the plastic taste sounds horrible.

Michael Vorel says:

W’ell that’s the point of these machines, single serve coffee one cup at a
time so each member of the family or office can make something different.
For me I like the flexibility of choosing coffee, tea, cocoa, etc and can’t
beat the speed and cleanup benefits. Try one

ultratec66 says:

Good Machines, when they work!

Michael Vorel says:

@youknowmeordoyou Sounds great! Enjoy

Myra1959 says:

@projectgadget Thank you. I now have the K-Cup Carousel to hold the cups.
The challenge I have now is deciding which flavors to brew each morning.
Today I brewed the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend the Caribou. I think all
of the coffee single cup are good. 🙂

Michael Vorel says:

@atllady57 Green Mountain own Keurig, that’s why. Did it work out?

imusbcraz says:

@projectgadget Hi, thanks for the reply. I do use filtered water and I have
the reusable kcup too. When I first got it, the coffee tasted like plastic.
I went online and followed the directions to run a vinegar solution through
the machine. This worked…for about a week…now it tastes like plastic
again. When I say, tastes like plastic..if you’ve ever had a bottle of
water that was in the car after a hot day, you’ll know what I mean.

Michael Vorel says:

I never left the B70 on so don’t have a comment. Good luck with yours.

Michael Vorel says:

@ighip Sounds good, you can never enough coffee!

Jennifer Crawford says:

Is it really worth $215 plus the cost of what ever the K cups are?

imusbcraz says:

I have this machine. I haven’t had a decent cup of coffee out of it. It’s
no better than instant. Actually, instant tastes more like coffee. Pretty
disappointed at this point in time.

D Plaza says:

I am sold!

azeraone says:

each cup works out to about .60 per cup and you get excellent coffee i
wouldnt be without this machine now.

youknowmeordoyou says:

I’m drinking iced coffee from the keurig right now, it’s so good!

murilo ninj says:

I just got this today. I tried a cup of coffee and it was VERY good. I
think it’s cool so far

Michael Vorel says:

@imusbcraz bummer, what I recommend is to get the larger kcups, use less
water than they say or your own beans with reusable kcup. Also, filtered
water helps. If still not working than just return it. Good luck

audisport says:

Keurig is great, when it works. Alot of people are having the system shut
off by itself. I experienced the same after one use. But got it to work by
fiddling around with it. Hopefully doesnt do it again

Michael Vorel says:

@Thunor232 Hah, you are right on the sound. It was when I was first
shooting videos and made the recording in the kitchen. The ceiling height
was really high and the little flip cam really didnt make the cut.

Michael Vorel says:

You too! and if you decide to pick up some more kcups check out my site at
60secondcoffee(dot)com (they give me a small share of the sale) thx!

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