Keurig B60 Review plus FAQ

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WHERE TO BUY: Exclusive Keurig B60 Coffee Maker review plus FAQ by Arguably the best val…


emily williams says:

*sigh* I would really like to go to your forum/site but every time I do,
Google warns me that your website is festering with Mal-ware. Guess I’ll
have to wait until you guys start using antivirus software.

amy w says:

you should do more close up to the keurig screen,,i don’t know what your
doing because its slanted

Victor Berrones says:

I was thinking the same thing like a picture in picture of its working. or
a camera 2 to switch to. Just got the B60 LOVE IT!..

MrTestNTune says:

What is De-scale …?

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Thanks. Enjoy your cup,

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

It’s a procedure to remove scale (mineral buildup) from machine. Enjoy your

Heisenberg says:

Very informative. Thanks 🙂

Aromacup - Single Serve Coffee says:

Thanks. Will consider it 🙂 Enjoy your cup,

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