Keurig 2.0 Review – K300 Series Coffee Maker with Carafe

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Exclusive review – Keurig 2.0 K300 (K350 and K360) Series Single Serve Brewer with Carafe. WHERE TO BUY: K-Cup Brewers at – EXTERNAL…


Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

We have the world’s first look at the new #Keurig v2.0 K300 Single Serve
#coffee maker!

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

Review: Keurig 2.0 K300 Series Coffee Maker with Carafe – YouTube #Keurig #Keurig2.0 #Coffee #CoffeeMaker

Don Williams says:

Can the brew time for a given size cup be changed to make it stronger or

Steve Emert says:

How well does the carafe work? Does it keep coffee hot for a while? When
you brew a carafe, is the coffee as strong as a normal cup? 

Rosemary Resler says:

The video was great as always, but please remove the music! It’s extremely
annoying and really detracts from the video as we want to hear you.
My husband purchased this new machine for me from Costco, however it had to
go back because it was leaking hot water, I couldn’t get past the priming
function. This machine is so similar to the Platinum with the added ability
of making a potful. I would have loved to tried this. When I called Keruig
on this issue I was on the phone for well over an hour on hold, they
offered to call me back in 24 hours, they were inundated with calls about
this new machine and the rep told me that there were a lot of calls on the
same issue I was having. I declined a call back and just returned the
machine for now, but may give it another try since I’m a Keruig fan.

SanDiegoChargers8913 says:

Great video, it was very informative. I havent kept up with any updates but
is the not being able to use old k-cups related to Keurig putting DRM on
their k-cups? What about the issue of backwards compatibility? That is,
will the new K-cups with the new DRM technology work on older models like
the K-70? Thanks

Tiffany Zayat says:

Its nice, but I’ll stick with my platinum. 

Skyler LaVey says:

Great first view. Love seeing all the new coffee brewers on your channel!

Mike Friedman says:

I sometimes use K-Cups but mainly brew my own, so, even though I was going
to buy the K500, this is a turnoff for me, so I will stick with the
Platinum until this is either corrected or my machine breaks. I understand
Keurig wanting to expand their K-Cup business, but not at my expense. Don’t
like to be locked into a closed system.

Randydeputy says:

I have a problem with my coffee machine telling me what kcups I can and
can’t use. 

Morton Berlin says:

I use Vue packs with my new Keurig 2.0 500. Works fine.

Tommy Chan says:

Thanks for the review. Can’t wait until someone defeat the stupid DRM

Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews - says:

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