Installing a Rancilio Silvia wand on a Gaggia Classic Espresso machine

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Watch me put and v1/v2 Rancilio Silvia wand on a Gaggia Classic Coffee maker. Watch the wehole thing before proceeding. The wand came from here: http://www.s…


Jason Brand says:

Will this work with the Gaggia Baby Class?

blake arturo says:

Thanks for the video!! Helped me out alot!!! BTW everyone…the man is
trying to help us out here. Box wrench or pliers? It unscrews either way…

punkoid76 says:

With enough practice you can get decent micro foam (well, pretty close to
it) with panarello wand.

Mark Santiago says:

Thanks for posting this. I didn’t realize how easy this mod is! I went
ahead and ordered a wand from SCG.

nachman16 says:

thanks for the post!

Ben Rawles says:

The only video on YouTube (that I could find) that clearly shows how to do
this mod from start to finish. Happy to put up with the odd fuzzy shot for
that. Cheers!

Maya Virgo says:

replacing the Gaggia with this Rancilio wand voids the 2 year warranty. I’m
buying a Gaggia today and the salesman told me this.

CoffeeZing says:

Thanks for uploading. Will be getting the Rancilio wand to do this asap…

Tom Wolfe says:

Your skill with the pliers is right up there with your skill with the

Gary Denton says:

There is this newfangled tool called a wrench you can use instead of pliers
if you don’t want to scratch stuff.

anything says:

hi! wonder that rancilio wand is the version 1 or version 3? v3 is quite
expensive…if v1 works, may get v1…

peoponcersare says:

Should I take the washer off OR NOT?? You wrote to take it out, but in the
video you keep it in!

ElKosac says:

Hello ! I changed the old wand with the Rancilio one but I do not
understand I am not able to froth milk correctly with it !!! It was better
with the original one from Gaggia ! I do not know what I am doing wrong !
Any idea ? Is there a way to do it ? Thanks for your reply…

GordonMmusic says:

Big thanks for the vid. It took just 5 minutes and I got huge improvements
with the Rancilio wand!!

alexellis2 says:

I’ve just got my Classic and the wand is creating huge bubbles and tonnes
of foam. Thanks for this video, it’s just what I needed – did it make a big
difference for you?

Daryl Cross says:

I’ve yet to steam, but I was able to instal the new wand in less time than
it took to watch your video. Thanks much for posting.

SuperficialOptimist says:

Thank you for your insightful response. I am still waiting for Santa Claus
to bring my box wrench.

donslibi says:

Nice vid, and explains everything I need for the new wand I just ordered,

SuperficialOptimist says:

I haven’t figured out the optimal way to froth with it either. I do know it
doesn’t just make a mess of huge bubbles like the panarello wand. I mean to
watch some Rancilio Silvia videos to see how people use the wand on that
machine to get some pointers. Maybe when I figure it out I’ll post another
video. I don’t drink Lattes or cappuccinos very often.

SuperficialOptimist says:

Yes, now I think that with some practice, I’ll be able to froth milk
correctly. no huge bubbles and huge foam ball.

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