How to work KEURIG Coffee maker – MINI Plus Brewing System

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Close Single Cup Kcup brewing system How to Tutorial. K-Cup System Perfect for small homes, vacatio…


xdreiax says:

can you use milk frothing cups with the mini?

Mark Mcbride says:

I feel so stupid I rarely use my Keurig, but the last few times it didn’t
work… all this time, I thought my Keurig was broken, I’ve cleaned it with
a paper clip..washed it .. but nothing.. and then, I play this how-to-use
video by mistake, and I realize that I am NOT pressing the BLINKING BREW
button… Thanks buddy..

Jim Smith says:

If you can’t figure out how to make a single cup Keurig coffee maker work
you shouldn’t be drinking coffee. This is also the worst coffee maker ever
save your 60 dollars and buy a different coffee maker. 

emilio1335 says:

Thanks a bunch!

hyacinthlady says:

Thanks-couldn’t figure out how to operate this-good job!

npo64 says:

Great job! Nice product too.

paa32libre says:

MY K cups are powder does that make a diffrence

Priscilla says:

Thank you Mr! You’ve just helped the small percentage of the American
population and me who have never used a Keurig before. Because the Keurig
website can’t even give you a simple explanation on how to use it 🙂

Jackson Fortune says:

Was your video mirrored? The keurig is set up on the opposite sides.

Dianna Lott says:

Ur Cute/Should do more Vids-Very Helpful, Thnx!

LaQuetia Gilliard says:

Thank you

Kappucino Kiss says:

thanks 🙂 r u italian??

Jackson Fortune says:

k-cups are k-cups. they all can be used.

jayciv says:

What I normally do with mine is open the lid and the K cup holder. Fill my
coffee cup with water. Dump that into the unit. (with the K-cup lid open it
doesn’t seem to leak as much). You’ll always get a full cup because you
didnt use their measurement inside the lid. You just filled your cup and
dumped into the unit. Oh, I’d probably say First world problem vs. white
people problem. I’m not trying to make that into a big deal or debate. Just
for the future.

donnaten2 says:

Thanks Steve! You did a great job!

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