How To Use The Melitta One-Cup Coffee Maker

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This video demonstrates the five easy steps for brewing the perfect cup of coffee using the Melitta One-Cup Coffee Maker.


Michael Melling says:

Nice job!;-)

Derrick Shaw says:

1. Heat filtered water to ~200F, in a gooseneck if you have it, otherwise
transferring from a kettle to a measuring cup for pour control can work.

2. Place filter in cone and rinse the cone filter with hot water to get rid
of any paper residue/taste. Place filtered cone on cup.

3. Grind beans to between fine and medium. Too course and it will be
watery. Too fine and it will be bitter. It is a balance between fineness
and extraction time.

4. Pour 17g – 20g of coffee into the cone.

5. Take heated ~200F water off heat source and slowly pour twice the gram’s
worth of water in a circle over the grounds, saturating all of them. This
is the bloom stage. If you are using very fresh beans and have the skill,
the grounds will actually bulge a bit. Hence, bloom.

6. Let this steep for about 30-45 seconds. This depends on the flavors you
want to pull out of the beans. I’m on the fence about which time frame
works best. I think it depends on bean profile and roast time.

7. Now pour slowly the rest of 300g of water from the center in a tight
circle outward. When you make it to the outer area, start circling around
until you are at the center again. You should be able to get two full
rounds of this method in before you hit the 300g mark for your cup of
coffee. Let the water do it’s thing. Dispose of filter/beans, rinse cone
and enjoy.
* If you use 20g of beans, bloom/steep with 40g of water, then do the
actual pour with 260g. (40g + 250g = 300g.) The twice water for grounds to
steep is basically a rule of thumb. Also, 1 gram = 1 oz for water.

Friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee.

Otaku Coffee says:

Love the color!

thePowerPlant says:


SuperFatty1995 says:

this takes too long

CoffeeZing says:

Love the little Melitta. Very cost-effective and minimalist.

geierstunde says:

dont use a pan for boiling the water… take a electric waterstove, or a
boiler with a lid. hope you got me, dont know the really right meanings of
the things. This is how we made coffee for the last hundred years.

acountrygent says:

I took it out. Sorry

acountrygent says:

sorry, Didn’t mean to come off so mean. You could try a re-shoot. People do
seek that kind of information and you have the equpment to make a nice
video. Still, my poihts are valid, I think. I apologize for hurt feelings

Melody Queen says:

Such a cute green cup and coffee maker, my grocery store only offered red &
black. Oh well 🙂 How much coffee grounds do you use? I just pour ‘whatever
amount’ in there, I don’t really measure, though I probably should! I love

Lukerativestopaction says:

why couldnt you just use a paper towel as an improvised and cheaper filter
? I mean, honestly….

wodentoad1 says:

Never boil water when brewing coffee unless you like starbucks. If you have
quality coffee, never heat your water above 200º F.

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