How to use the AeroPress coffee / espresso maker – Aeropress review Aero Press

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See a review and how-to for the Aeropress coffee / espresso maker by Aerobie. Both a how-to and a review, you’ll see how the device works and the end-results.


Jason Cloutier says:

This was the most helpful video I saw on youtube about the aeropress…I
made a cop before watching the video and then one after, the after cup blew
my mind. Thanks!

karon Last says:

I just got this maker & played very close attention, this was the most
helpfull to date video I have watched & the cool dog was a bonus! Thanks.

Racku Racooon says:

It looks like its floating in the thumbnail

AutoItKing says:

I see you’re using Sweet Maria’s! Do you roast it yourself?

doesitworkdotnet says:

@Strider2112 Hey there Strider. What I’ve read and what has seemed to work
for me is that 1 scoop of unground beans gives you the desired amount, and
when you grind it I’m not sure that it’d be to exactly the same level as
pre-ground beans but I think the common wisdom is that you can talk about
these interchangeably. I had the same thoughts when I first read about this
and am still not 100% certain on it but I can tell you I’ve heard the
advice from multiple reliable sources. Thanks 🙂

RodCornholio says:

My latest Americano experimentation: — Dialed in the Zassenhaus as per
their “official” instructions to a little coarser than a drip grind. — TWO
Aeropress scoops of beans to about 12 oz. of water. — BREW at 175 degrees
BUT heat the rest of the water to 205 degrees — ADD the rest of the hot
water to the Aeropresso Smooth AND hot. Damn fine coffee!

bigdaddydaug says:

sasquatch making coffee @ home

Random Musings says:

nice view

alzathoth says:

nice vid! i really like your coffee grinder. what kind is it? also
wondering if there are any canadian stores that sell the aeropress…?

Michael Amerson says:

I have the aeropress and it is a pretty neat little coffee gizmo. But I
don’t consider its product to be real espresso (it takes 9 bars of pressure
to do it right, which I doubt you can attain with an aeropress). But it is
still a good cup. Nice demo. I just purchased a moka pot, and now that is
my preferred brewing method. I actually like a little body to my coffee,
and the aeropress tends to produce too “clean” a cup for my taste. But it
makes a nice brew for iced lattes or for use in cooking.

Kari Hicks says:

thank you for this video! I saw this online and want to buy it but didn’t
know how to use it. Awesome.

MsKitchendining says:

Works fantastically. If you YouTube reviews about it, you’ll learn even
more, but overall it’s everything I was hoping for. here is the link to it
in case anyone is interested: amzn.to1bmO8uU

James Gilbert says:

I hope the hair on his arms doesn’t slough off into the coffee. 😉

Ezra Goldschlager says:

it looks like a Zassenhaus mill. You can get them at Sweet Maria’s and
other specialty shops. As for the Aeropress, try Amazon.

WickedBadKid says:

Penis pump?

doesitworkdotnet says:

I just eyeball it, but for a double latte (i.e., one with two shots of
espresso) it’s wise to use 1.5 cups of milk. Totally up to you though, try
different amounts.

Amy Wong says:

You have a nice view from your living room!

RodCornholio says:

Fcuk YEAH. Zassenhaus MILL rocks!

RodCornholio says:

For a while, I did the 205 (brewing temp) thing. It produced a more “French
Press” style; bolder flavor but also more of the “off” flavors. Like many
things in life, it’s about trade-offs, compromise, “n’er the twain shall
meet”, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Maybe I’ll try making half
in the plunger pot, and half in the aeropress. The quest for the perfect
cup continues.

doesitworkdotnet says:

Update: I started using a Coava “DISK” metal, reusable filter and am very
pleased. It fits into the Aeropress workflow quite nicely, both in prep and
cleanup. I will be doing a short video in the near future demoing the use
of the DISK, as well as my thoughts on experimenting with their “inverted”
method as seen if you google “ aeropress inverted disk
method” and go to the page on the Coava site.

TwitSpotter says:

What a silly comment – is that that new thing called sarcasm? I’m sure you
think you’re a genius and so clever with your unrelated putdowns that don’t
really connect or put anything down but instead lower you in the estimation
of others who happen to be in range of the stench of your comments, but
keep trying, I’m sure you’ll eventually come up with something that will
seem clever to a micro-organism.

doesitworkdotnet says:

@AutoItKing Yes, on a very small scale with the SR-500 that Sweet Maria’s
carries. Before that I was using the FreshRoast 8 which roasted smaller
quantities but in fact was a bit less of a hassle, as Sweet Maria’s makes
clear on its site the SR-500 (and SR-300) require some manual intervention
to get even roasts.

suckjustice69 says:

So to make it normal coffee you just add water?

odranoelxxxx says:

@messfeeder I would agree, it’s not really espresso. However when I heard
about this the first time, it was while listening to Leo Laporte (The Tech
Guy) and on the show they described it as a “coffee maker”, not as an
espresso maker. They used it to make cups of coffee (I guess you could say
American style), and everyone raved about it. I purchased it based on that
and it has been an absolute success for me. I have a decent pump driven
espresso maker I use for cappuccino and lattes.

mrpv says:

Malakia, pare filter cafe

AutoItKing says:

@doesitworkdotnet Very nice. I have a FR 8, works pretty dang well for me!

doesitworkdotnet says:

Interesting you should mention this. Lately I have been getting my water to
about 205 and spooning in maybe 4 or 5 spoonfulls of it, and then mixing it
around to saturate the ground coffee…and then adding the rest of the
water (at that point probably hovering in the mid 190’s or low 190’s and
doing the full mix. Works well. This 175 stuff is just not on target.

doesitworkdotnet says:

you’re right, it’s not quite espresso, it probably doesn’t meet the
technical definition, but for someone who isn’t an expert, the stuff it
produces is a reasonable approximation of espresso.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

It’s most definitely not you ignorance that define espresso.

bigDeeOT says:

Pretty well done.

Brian Carr says:

sweet i like the grinder where to buy it?

exceem says:

did you fart at 6:54 ? , just ordered one

ASFx2600 says:

Best demonstration i’ve seen on the Aeropress. Thank you. Now im off to
check out your other videos and website.

psychotichealth11 says:

I got a great tip for homemade espresso at coffeeloverstipandtricks (.) com

Jim Brannigan says:

Nicely done. Very informative. I’m also impressed with your sound. What mic
are you using?

Strider2112 says:

@messfeeder wow! is that true? thats 131 PSI!

doesitworkdotnet says:

@dureyes Thanks for the compliment. I have used other brands of Moka Pots
and similar stove-top brewing methods. In my opinion the Moka Pots /
stove-tops make fine coffee, although the Aeropress seems to emphasize the
sweeter, lighter notes that come from a particular variety of beans, while
the Moka pots / stove-tops seem to end up leaving a more bold / acidic cup.
The Aeropress will give you very low acidity pretty much with any beans.
And clean up is super quick & easy, by the way.

curtisimo032 says:

Water molecules are the only thing you do heat in a microwave. It’s the
moisture in foods that you heat when you microwave food. Every tried to
heat up a saltine craker? Doesn’t do much.

Robert Andrews says:

Its a penis pump…..

MaltaLumpie says:

lol he said “screw this”

speedgraphic says:

How much milk did you add to make the latte?

Michael Amerson says:

BTW, nice to see your bag of Sweet Maria’s beans! Do you home roast too?
This thing would be good for camping, but I had to laugh when I got my
Aeropress in the mail and saw all the testimonials on the box. You’d think
it would cure cancer, or something! Again, nice vid.

pschroeter56 says:

You can put the plunger with the water in the microwave.

suckjustice69 says:

Does it have to be that exact temperature? Or can I just like microwave for
2 minutes and go over just to be safe?

killerwill55 says:

uh i dont think you can heat water in the microwave

Carl Geiger says:

holy gorilla arms…you should be wearing arm-hair-nets.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

It’s an offense to the art of making espresso in a quality pump driven
machine to call this an espresso and do it repeatedly. For espresso you
need 9 bars of pump pressure. That does not come close to achieve that.

doesitworkdotnet says:

@odranoelxxxx yep, I was pretty much an espresso noob at the time, and I
100% concur that it’s not true espresso. Though it does still make
delicious concentrated coffee that, with some nicely foamed milk, will
stand in for a true latte in a pinch

Boodieman72 says:

@doesitworkdotnet It is a tenth the price of even the cheapest real
espresso machines.

Hayden Kzing says:

thanks for this video! I was thinking about getting a fancy schmancy
espresso machine with all the bells and whistles but it’s nice to see i can
get my latte with cheaper mechanisms. thumbs up!

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