How To use a Keurig Coffee Maker

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Devon Rounsaville says:

I like it alot it was given to me and I use one of the little cup of coffee
things twice still tast great

Cherry Bush says:

Ty so much for these instructions. Merry Christmas to you!

Diana Faust says:

Thank you so much for your step by step process! Best vid.! Appreciate
your time, d.

Craig Lowther says:

Hey you are cute!!! Wanna meet for coffee?

june penny says:

oh soooo cool!!!! glad i was able to help!!!!!

alexiip89 says:

Haha thanks. Staying at my aunts house because I’m visiting and everyone’s
at work. So I had no idea what to do until now. 🙂

Wendy B. says:

I can’t even explain how much I love my Keurig. I even bought a second
small machine for my office when I worked! I’m obsessed with Donut Shop

coolpie1300 says:

Thank you

june penny says:

I love the Nantucket Blent and YES!!! the Donut Shop!!!!! Delish….

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