How to use a French Press Coffee Brewer

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Quick, easy and to the point. Here are step by step instructions on how to use a French Press coffee brewer. Available at

Coffee used in this video:

The water and coffee volumes in this video are basic and will help get you started. For more specific info check out our website.


kingcamilo says:

doesnt it get cold fast?

Marline Gamble says:

Excellent step-by-step instructions.

An Lui Teves says:

The Jazz Music is perfect! Buying my own French Press soon! I need a good brew in the morning.

Ariel Spalter says:

Awesome vid! Straight to the point of how to make coffee in home conditions, w/o sending us find a scale to weigh the coffe and all tha baristas' nonsense.

selenite1 says:

This seems so much better than an effing Keurig or drip machine.

Jolie of Craft says:

I wonder if you can french press cuban coffee?

IFreakingEatPeople says:

Watching comedians in cars getting coffee and this song is like literally the one that’s playing on the show haha

Susan Williams says:

Love your video! Question…. what type of “ground” do you use?

JulieAnkha N. says:

Love my french press

Tommy Vercetti says:


Darren Woodard says:

Why did you not give the amount of water to use? You said thoroughly soak the coffee grains and then pour the remaining water? How much remaining water?

Cody S. says:

I usually put the top on while it's seeping. Top notch video, though.

Noel Benson says:

lol, thank you, I had no idea how to use this thing

John Grove says:

What I do is stir the coffee twice. Once when it is half filled. And then when I add the remaining water.

MorbidManMusic says:

It gets too cold over the minutes spent waiting.

Pereece Woods says:

I just bought one…didn't know where to start. Guess who's drinking a nice dark roast I made!!! Awesome vid!

Foolish Specialist says:

Nice, short, and sweet video. I'm just a little worried about the coffe not being hot enough after almost five minutes of preparing it.

lookitskirby says:

yess thank you for a short and quick video. I don't need a 5 minute video on how to make coffee

earthpet says:

So 30 second off boil, let it sit for 45 seconds. Could you possibly be less clear?

wibie4Life says:

No mention of STIRRING that I see in other how-to videos

Clifford Simmons says:

Is it 1 tbsp of coffee per 8 oz cup of hot water??

Richard Olson says:

I hate the French press

ef2000123456789 says:

This video is perfect. Every other french press tutorial is like 5 minutes long. Thanks 🙂

NewGenComicHero says:

What playlist of music is that?

The Thedwick says:

Shout out to Ikea with those 10$ French presses

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