How To Make Sweet Tea Using a Coffee Maker

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Quick and easy way to make sweet tea… 4~5 family sized tea bags or 1 gallon sized tea bag 1.5~2 Cups of sugar.


Judah Woodrupp says:

Whoever calls this complicated…… This was much easier than pouring hot
tea from a pot.. I brew a pot strong and add it to cold water in a jug.

seann pierce says:

Great video. I should have watch this before buying my Ice Tea maker.

DROW42 says:

This is way too complicated. step 1. Put 4 tea bags in pot of hot water
Done, no coffee maker no cutting tea bags.

Jeremy-Cheli H says:

I never use a coffee filter, don’t rip open the bags, just put them in bag,
string, and all. Works perfect every time.

tennwhitetrash says:

Thanks! Another way to do it is take a gallon sized tea bag and put it in
the pot and let the hot water run over it and let it set in there (steep)
for about 30 mins. It can be a little strong for some, but I like it

crowowteam says:

try with honey, it’s really good i have my own honey from the forest and
the pasture. I don’t like to sweet, and i also put lemon in a cup.

FERtheWIZ says:

good video sir

emilee williams says:

i like u

sicilline says:

Cool video man! Thanks for posting! I’m about to go buy a coffee maker to
make tea with everyday-RIGHT NOW! I was hoping I could find some videos on
YouTube…since I’ve never even mare coffee before lol…red raspberry leaf
tea is what I’ll be making. I figure it will be nice to have a gallon of it
in the fridge at all times. Thanks again man! 🙂

marv1676 says:

thats the way i make it but use less better the next day.i am from
the south to

Stacy Mitchell says:

Good vid

Lovin9Lives says:

Thankyou 🙂 I’m gonna try this tonight and see how it tastes tomrw! Love
from Canada

Tim Thornton says:

I am brewing the tea right now. Thanks

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