How to make delicious coffee at home without coffee maker

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You can make Delicious coffee at home without coffee maker in just 2-3 minutes. For ten cup of coffee use one pouch of BRU Gold, 10 spoon of sugar and little…


Honest Cigar Reviews says:

what was that?

Chithra Raman says:

Is that coffee I do not think

Anirban Roy says:

what was that ????

Mehdi Abdul Reda says:

this isnt expresso, looks more like a latte. sounds really good though,
gotta try this ;)

arkatos says:

Looks disgusting. Do you even know what an espresso is?

zanooby S says:

wow looks delicious

Brady McCall says:

I’m guessing BRU is some sort of instant coffee?

manish thapa says:

do you even know what is expresso?

omidmoa says:


lovingtheglam says:

I think you should clarify that this is an “Indian ‘espresso’ ” rather than
a traditional beans-and-hot-water-in-a-mocha-pot-or-machine Italian sort

Ravindra Kumar says:
Lucys Training Channel says:

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