How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home in a French Press Coffee Maker

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Coffee brewed between 195 and 205 degrees will contain more aroma compounds, dissolved solids, and flavor than coffee brewed at 72 degrees, but heat also extracts the bitterness and astringency found in coffee beans. The appeal of cold brew lies in its milder acidity and bitterness, which lets more of the dark chocolate, caramel, ripe black fruit, and vanilla flavors come to the fore.

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Are You Ruining Your Coffee by Grinding the Beans the Wrong Way?

To make the best cold brew, we tried a number of out-there techniques, including near-continuous agitation and five-day-long extractions in the refrigerator. But in the end, we found that a simple steep in a French press was the best method. Using a high ratio of ground beans to water produced a concentrate that was easy to store and could be diluted as desired. After trying various brew times from 12 to 72 hours, we found that a 24-hour steep delivered the best flavor. Pouring the concentrate through a coffee filter–lined fine-mesh strainer ensured that it was free of sediment. Our finishing touch? A pinch of kosher salt, which rounded out the cold brew’s flavors and further masked it’s already minimal bitterness.

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Wendy Morales says:

Wow! Never thought cold water will make the difference! Thanks I'll definitely will try it!

JC Maldonado says:

This was a fail

Ella Green says:

Yum! Now, I don't have the time to scroll down to read all the comments, but I swear by this recipe/technique! 😉 Also, the cold used coffee is amazing to use for an awesome body, hand and even facial scrub. I guarantee you the softest hand is you use the coffee grinds and little bit of coconut oil and just rub, rub rub away for two minutes (slowly over your sink), then rinse with very nice mild soap……… NO JOKE! (You can find many good 'recipes' using coffee grinds online, they do work!)
Thanks, ATK! Love ya!♥♥♥

Vivian Tristesse says:

Cold brew in nut milk bag?

MrRdbrig says:

Why would anyone waste their time with this? No coffee is worth waiting 24hrs for.

Zheng Yang says:

he used two and half cup of coffee bean, yield a small jar of concentrate, and used half jar for one glass, this is two and half cup of coffee bean for two glass of ice coffee, what a waste. That's partly because 1:1 bean to water ratio is way too low, you are gone waste a lot of precious coffee flavor in the wet coffee grinds. I usually use 1:8 to 1:10 by weight, and skip the delusion part, just add ice and milk.

Chris Moore says:

I tried this. HUGE WASTE of good coffee. It tastes good, but I got barely a cup. Yes, I know concentrated. But it is impossible to get all the coffee liquor out because there is so much resistance from the water sogged out grounds that I found it impossible to press all the fluid out. It's the French Press that is the problem. Sorry. I wanted to like this, I really wanted it to work.

Res Art says:

Кен ай мейк оне видаут дъ спърм ат ди енд

Joshua Pappas says:

Yes, it's a concentrate. The first time I made cold brew I drank a full cup of it straight. I'm pretty sure my coworkers were looking for a straight jacket after an hour or so.

Nick Dudesville says:

No thanks, too much time and trouble, coffee is awesome enough already.

jem Ogn says:

Just get ya get ya self a Vietnamese coffee

Sherri says:

Love the How To videos…but the split screen with three identical views is a bit distracting. The coffee looks delicious BTW!

Sheesh says:

is there any benefit to using cold vs something like 60 degrees?
I imagine you could make this in maybe 2-4 hours this way, which is way more reasonable than to drink the next day

Harrison William says:

I heat my cold brew because I hate cold coffee.

Rockin Raffi's Home Cooking says:

I brew some coffee then let it sit room temperature. throw it in the fridge for several hours and then in a glass add some ice and pour flavored creamer with the coffee. Do not mix it to give you a cool effect and it’s that simple

Brian M says:

There are many better ways to make cold brew. This is definitely working harder not smarter.

Christina W says:

Trying this asap!!!

TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness says:

Coffee should never be served cold. JMHO

Dave Durant says:

Not a big fan of the concentrate.. I put 2/3 cup of ground and 4 cups of filtered water in a french press for 12 hours in the fridge. Press and put the result thru a coffee filter into a pitcher and you're done. No other mixing or drinking concentrate by mistake or anything like that.

Jackson Carlo Ollero says:

I cringed on the 1:1 ratio. Please review your measurements because a lot of references calls for a 1:4 ratio. This is probably because a 1:1, will, innevitably put too much pressure on the grounds that will cause the bitter flavors to be extracted.

Ela Alvarez says:

I love French press, thank you for this. I’m gonna try this method. 🙂

Harvey Gussow says:

Smart very smart.

AntWorld says:

I used to cold-brew Trung Nguyen Vietnamese coffee brand. It's pretty tasty! There's a hint of cocoa that get lost when brewing with hot water. Highly recommend it.

BSGA22 says:

Might finally get me to drink coffee.

murasaki9 says:

That is too much coffee for one or two medium (maybe) cups of iced coffee, meaning too much work. I guess I'll stick with coffee house cold brew and just make my half gallon of iced tea like I usually do. Brew a strong brew in the pot, let it cool down a bit, throw about two ice cubes in it and throw it in the fridge to chill.

Chad says:

Yes! More of this, love the new format y'all are trying.

Teixeira Da Silva says:

Is it good? It did not seems like…

sdushdiu says:

Two issues…One: A 1:1 ratio???? What a waste of coffee beans! Two: Cold coffee? LMAO! The notion that coffee even tastes good is merely a rationalization. Were it not for the caffeine NOONE would have ever started drinking the stuff.
This ranks right up with the innovative idea of bottling tap water and selling it for beer prices!

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