How to make coffee without a coffee maker! Enjoy…. 1080P

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This easy method of making coffee makes the coffee taste better. If you don’t have a coffee maker, you can just boil some water and try this simple method. *…


Joshua Atkinson says:

well..that was amazing ha ha its so cool how you did it

32583ian says:

This man is a born survivor

Deborah Nickerson says:

Common sense and genius — love it, thank you!

Pedro Clemente says:

good shitr im about to make some for my baby momaaa

SeeJakeRun says:

That’s right. Lift up that napkin.

christina1973ish says:

Thanks. My coffee pot is in New York. I somehow forgot it and have been
stuck eith out one for a week!! Not anymore!!

Insecure Guy says:

Thanks bro really helped

claywyneica says:

It was great thanks

Grace Ruggiero says:

I’m so glad this was in HD.

Knives n' Gear says:

You are a life saver, thanks for making this video!

Alizjah says:

This works great, thank you!!!

Lara Ventura says:

Thank you! Coffee maker broker this morning!

ivonramos says:

Thanks alot!! 

Manterasu says:

Damn why does cofee have to be so damn complicated…???

destuffilator says:

Making coffee without a coffee maker…and getting the hot water from a HB
BrewStation. Love it!

Kaaas says:

How to make #coffee without a #coffeemaker!

1400deadwood says:

I take a large cup + add less than a spoonful of Half & Half to it

then put a strainer on top of my cup & a filter with the coffee grains

the pour hot water over the grains – the darkened water flows into my cup &

I give my filter a bit of a squeeze to get out as much coffee as possible.
BTW, filters are cheaper than paper towels.

samira ujma says:

talk loud……………..

Parth Mehta says:

thanks a tonnn man! helped a lot!

hawtpotato90210 says:

so, you let your actual coffee maker share the frame for the entire video?
it’s like, you took his cookies and you’re making him watch you eat them.
you monster.

KeyZOnTheBeat says:

I can tell you did this in the morning lol

Melba Anahi says:

Just have to wait 30 seconds…. I’m not waiting 30 seconds… jajajaja xD
oh man!

Noah Harsanyi says:

On the stove is it 11 am or pm? :p

Justin Eword says:

mine was bad lol tasted like shty tea maybe because the coffee was old

Nicole Lennon says:

This turned out great for me this morning. Broken coffee maker and and a
rough night.Thanks for the video! You are a lifesaver!

jaharion beene says:


Joel Melnjak says:

thanks my coffee failed though haha

Haylie Wilson says:

Homemade pour-over(: have you conjured up something for if there is not
coffee filter available?

Haylie Wilson says:

lol that will leave a stunning smile. Thanks for the reply! 😀

emailjosh87 says:

Glad I could help!

emailjosh87 says:

actually yes, I just recently finished building my time machine. j/k I
haven’t really tried any ways other than from the way described in this
video, and the actual coffee maker way. Could always try the old fashioned
way of filtering the coffee grinds through your teeth as you drink it.
yuk. lol 🙂

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