How To Make Coffee with the Mr. Coffee Maker

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Demo of a Mr. Coffee Programmable Coffee Maker.


William Talbert says:

You’re kidding right….. It has a lid at the top and water goes inside. 

AetherMate says:

My Mr. Coffee didn’t come with a filter basket?

Florence Eldred says:

how does the thermal feature work on the 12 cup programmable mr coffee?

Santiago Rodríguez says:


Mobroz says:

dayum i finally figured dis shit out u ned a degree in cofeology or sum
booshit lik dayum y ut so hard

Mirko NccDrive says:

wow beautiful i want buy but i living in italy


thanks for the invite,cool vids,1love.

Jason Coffee says:

@medalofhonor1919 thanks, let me know if you need another video on
something else. – jason

Jason Coffee says:

@MaisSimples thanks!

Kris Suko says:

Thank you

Gigi lava says:

your funny XD thanks for the help i just got this n i was so lost but now i
have yummy coffee thanks to u

Jason Coffee says:

@dessosharonda you rock! thanks so much.

Tikal1106 says:

Thanks so much!! Couldn’t find a user manual online for my life… You are
my hero!

CrysLd says:

I loveee the lights on this coffeemaker…I love mr. coffee, as well. but
this video did help me with deciding which coffeemaker to get cause it is
so pretty!

Zee Dot says:

@coffeecupnews keep up the good work !!!!!!!!

Jason Coffee says:

@zeedottv thank you.

FightinBlue says:

I can’t get this thing to brew. The lights turn on but nothing after that???

xxdjcharlierockxx says:

this is a awesome coffee maker and your video helped me figure out how to
set it and all but mine has the water filtration on it and cant figure out
how to install it

Kelly Morgan Colbert says:

Thank you soooo much for the vid! …I bought this coffee maker and
misplaced the instructions while we were moving and couldn’t remember how
to re-set it. I even looked on and can you believe it, They
didn’t list this coffeemaker. So much for customer support! LoL

Vaibhav Tomar says:

Can you please make a review on Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT 12-Cup Programmable
Coffeemaker. It would be very helpful..

Logan Mangas says:

You’re lazy, but drink coffee? laziness to the extreme! 😛 thanks for the
vid, it helped alot! 😀

Jason Coffee says:


KrazySillyTwins Lynch says:

@CoffeeCupNews You’re Very Welcome!!

Marilyn Hume says:

thankyou Jason,I have same exact maker. my coffee was tasting pretty weak
so I tried it on the strong brew and it is fabulous.

Jason Coffee says:

Glad I could help! -jc

Livya Jolly says:

Thank you thank you thank you! Now i can make coffee 247. I have the same
coffee maker and i didn’t know how to use it. Now i can make coffee.<3 This
is the best day! The only thing that sucks is that i have to make coffee
for my mom now:( But anyways, YAY!

KrazySillyTwins Lynch says:

Hey! Thanks for the invite! Love your channel and your video. I LOVE
COFFEE!!! Gave your video a thumbs up!

Zee Dot says:

nice vid!!!!!!!!!!

Netty Lehn says:

Thank you so much for posting this video!! You are a lifesaver!

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