How to Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker

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CooCooAwesome says:

I can’t find the water compartment

johana uribe says:

and this one for process description How To Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker

kfront228 says:

@November10th1775USMC Thats fucking disgusting

Fling Gibstopper says:

I believe? Some random bitch, or some random COFFEE COMPANY. I don’t
fucking know anymore.

Atlas says:

pussies use cream and sugar.

Brenda Wagner says:

how about us women??

CompulsiveDesigns says:

One word… Fag.

GabesMovies says:

Thanx u helped me make my first inlet 4 my ma

Aylielah Gibson says:

Yay I did it 😀

November10th1775USMC says:

@yazzam Exactly my friend.

mikaleon says:

Thanks for the advice. it’s 9pm and my friend and I really need it to keep

runescape100milshare says:

the coffee maker makes it hot alredy if you added hot water you would burn
your tounge so bad and make blisters

doublejayjones says:

why did she say that the coffee could be stored for up to a few weeks.
Coffee takes way longer than that to expire. & November10th1775USMC is
right, what a pussy cunt, Real men drink coffee black.

Yunituber says:

Nope. I’ve had coffee makers for years and only today I decided to youtube
how the damn thing works. LOL.

Dredsina says:

I grew up Mormon so I had no idea how to do this; thanks YouTube wahahaha

JermzzzyFTW says:

He’s pretty easy on the eyes.

ipwnyouproductions says:

@ArtBit64 woah man calm down. She’s not telling u it’s morally wrong to put
it in the refrigerator it’s just a suggestion…

rayraylala100 says:

howcast’s videos makes mankind sound retarded.

kingofcrunk1010 says:

@November10th1775USMC says man who doesn’t know how to make his own coffee

callofdutyman20 says:

In soviet russia coffee maker makes you!

John Doe says:

I wanna know how to make coffee so I can drink it in class

kingofcrunk1010 says:

@November10th1775USMC Ha.

twilightgirl249 says:


November10th1775USMC says:

@ErraticReviews Obvious pussy sugared down fake coffee lover is obvious.

kfront228 says:

@November10th1775USMC aaang you rude, i just think thats gross

muntasir20 says:

cant find the water compartment argfggfhh

denny muktar says:

hi, I like this. Request permission to share in my site: thanks,

Dominick Brewster says:

If you keep it in the original coffee pot will it keep it heated?

MickeyShaunOfficial says:

I feel stupid, coffee making is easy lol

GreenestAdvisors says:


Randy's Video Creations says:


ERIK5564 says:

doesnt really matter, coffee does keep somewhat fresher in the fridge,
however “experts” say leaving it in the fridge will make it absorb all the
mildew smells and flavor, my basic rule of thumb if is u dont drink it
often keep it in the fridge, if u drink it daily you dont need to keep it
in the fridge

OfficialRahh says:

Thanks to this video , I now know how to make coffee anytime anywhere…
Thanks @Howcast.. Thanks for making How to make coffee in a coffee maker
video.. Because of you I no longer have to walk to the deli , or 7 eleven
or Dunkin Donuts! CHEAAAAAAAA! ;D Lmfaooooo sike! This video gay ass hell ,
Im going to keep running on Dunkin

GrammarRockz says:

I can just tell I’m about to fuck this up… <_<

rileytwist88 says:

Well I guess i’m not a real man according to some of these comments because
I put a shit ton of sugar in mine and a lil’ bit of milk.

RaShaun Fordyce says:

wow……. thanks. I might be the first 12 year old to walk back and forth
step by step to make coffee. sweet

127prats says:

@November10th1775USMC wow coffee has been stereotyped as black! Douche bag,
it depends on what a person feels satisfied with. U pussy

WilDx KusH says:

finally this is the only video that tells me where to put water i was
getting pissed!!

Ardrin2889 says:

As easy as it looks, I messed up by pouring the water into the same place
you put the coffee.

abbyperson123 says:

You use how much you want…….. :O

TheFlyingJennifer says:

So I wasn’t the only person who didn’t know how to brew a pot? Thank god…

PE6_5000 says:

Anyone else listening to this, saying “Did it.” after each step and running
through what each thing was invented by and when in their head? #DailyGrace

Bri Lannett says:

This helped me a lot i feel stupid too

creativechick7 says:

@Bladeshamer9 That’s why I add milk and sugar.

TheWilliamMaster says:

just pour coffee into a cup, add 2 spoons of sugar, and then pour cream
until it turns a little light brown.

leoisforevercool says:

Interns everywhere, UNITE!

FalloutWastelander3 says:

turned out perfect, thanks 😀

Tina Brown says:

Awesome!! I’ll try this.

areyousayinimchunky says:

AHAHA.. AHAHAHAH! My mother tried to keep me away from the coffee. I tried
to explain to her that it’s not me that’s addicted to the coffee, the
coffee, wants me. >.< AHAHAHAHA! *Twitch...Twitch*

yazzam says:

Not so fast with the name-calling, “guys.” Real men are actually those who
drink their coffee black, no sugar. Pussies..

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