How to hook a water line to your Keurig Coffee Maker

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After a few years of owning a Keurig coffe maker, I decided to hook up a line to the water reservoir. If there was any down side to this machine it is that e…


MacGyverinSpace says:

“Youtube comment blocker”

Joseph Collins says:

Watch my other video on my Whirlpool whole home filtration system.

Evan Cole says:

Sorry, I meant to say dopey idea

Ash D says:

What happened to your hand?

Joseph Collins says:

Thanks for the tip. I was just going with what my dad taught me long ago. I
will take the ex-plumber’s word for it. What do you use in its place? The
needle valve is used for on/off. There are some really neat alternatives
being discussed on

Nick Huynh says:

ball cock?

Joseph Collins says:

Watch my other video’s on the Carpal Tunnel Surgery.

xboxoxzx says:

Its called a ferrule, when u compress it on the tube, thats called a swage

Joseph Collins says:

I guess I would put ice in it.

greg jones says:

what about a redundant solenoid valve?

juztchilling says:

@ Commentheory Really? That’s your take on this? Well, I guess you’d better
log off your computer because they make life easier for many people. Not to
mention: cars, toilets, indoor showers, buying clothes instead of making
your own, pre-cut meats, lawn mowers, and pretty much everything else
invented in the last hundred year. I just realized something… you are
Amish! Guess it is time to sell all your sinful possessions and build a
barn. Just don’t forget to harvest and plank your o

greg jones says:

add a float valve!

turdwing32 says:

yeah cus picking it up turning on the faucet and putting it back is THE
MOST annoying task

Joseph Collins says:

Watch my videos on the carpel tunnel surgery.

Beergun88 says:

The valve is fine, I was just teasing that you called it a ‘switch’. You
don’t have to use anything on the compression fitting to seal it, the
compression ring is what gets the job done there. You could use some teflon
paste(AKA pipe dope) if you really feel the need. Teflon tape is great in
the right application, just not here. Still a great idea.

Joseph Collins says:

I am blessed to be in the greatest nation in the world where ingenuity
alive and well. I pray for those who don’t have it so good.

nx2k93 says:

First World problems

CrazyRay says:

Thanks for being able to barely explain a pointless process

Gatuso2311 says:

I guess the first try went wrong i can tell by the hand wrap

Halo428 says:

@Joseph Collins, good job on this. Only thing I would’ve done differently
is to put the teflon tape kon in a clockwise direction which would prevent
the tape from binding up as you tighten.

Joseph Collins says:

Check out my other video on my whole home water filtration system.

Blake Arruda says:

MERICA!!!! Making it Easyier to feed yourself

Joseph Collins says:

Coffee, Tea, Soup, Oatmeal…….

BLRN84 says:

Haha those hose be twisted! Never mess with twisted hose

xi chen says:

I just want to know, how may cups of coffee your family need every day?

Joseph Collins says:

I thought about doing something ‘automatic’ but I was just afraid that I
would muck it up and end up coming home to a flooded house. Maybe someday.

Joseph Collins says:

Sounds like this video is right up your ally then.

tejasnitemd says:

are those coffee makers that good…but the coffee little Dilly things are
really expensive

flacousa62 says:

Here you go, for $30 more a real “automatic” do a search for
Keurig-B150-Direct-Water-Plumb – I did enjoy your video and the effort even
if you ended up with a manual contraption.

DarthVirc says:

Did the coffee machine bite you?

papichulo6667 says:

Do u burn yourself foo

eddie vega says:

Good job

Joseph Collins says:

You must not own one of these and if you do you must not use it 10-20 times
a day. We use it for bottles, soups, teas, coffee. It gets annoying but its
a relative annoyance. Thanks for the comment.

Joseph Collins says:

Well, get to work and post a video reply with your ‘automatic’ re-filler 🙂
I hope, even with my flaws, you enjoyed the video.

randyiron2 says:

I simply poor filtered water from a pitcher into it.

Adam Bardsley says:

@jarretick6 Exactly what I was thinking, this doesn’t seem much better than
just filling it but it’s a good idea in principle

MaliciousGuzi says:

K spending $35-$40 to hook up a water line to your keurig. Walk 3feet to
the sink to fill up a small water tank free.

GameHero80 says:

What if you want to drink ice coffee?

Evan Cole says:


Joseph Collins says:

I thought about that but I was concerned with the possibility of it getting
stuck and coming home to a flooded house. It would be hard to explain that
to the insurance company 🙂

ramstick says:

I’m guessing you had a mishap with a previous project.

unionpipe32 says:

Don’t try this at home!!….Would you risk trying it from a guy with a
banded hand?

ziggykyndal says:

Great idea! Thinking about doing something like this myself.

Anthony Frankenfield says:

Something happened to your hand

commentheory says:

no your completely wrong and obviously took offense to the comment
made….its a coffee pot fill it….the effort and idea I salute but I
would just fill the coffee pot, yes hes got good ideas ideas that imo could
then be better of use instead of going through all that, and my remark was
made in a overall perspective of what lifes becoming…and if it was a barn
and sticks I had to reframe to then I would love that cause that’s what all
these coming generations are losing, you took out of contxt

Joseph Collins says:

Carpal Tunnel Surgery….check out my video’s on it.

William Collins says:

The think you don’t know the name of is called a FERREL wheather brass or
plastic my B155 is also plumped as automatic fill. Just like in an big
office break room

TheKineticD says:

Gatta figure out how to keep your ready made coffee ready…first world
problems …..

binlagin says:

Good idea! 7/10 on the hackerscale!

flacousa62 says:

Near the end you called your setup “automatic”, all I see is a manual
operation to fill the reservoir, a truly automatic would have no manual
shut off valve and be connected directly as commercial units are.

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