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Next in our How To series we’re showing you how use the Bodum French Press! Available in store at our Brisbane & Newcastle locations!

French Press coffee is a rich full-bodied brew that is all about robust flavours and strength. The French Press pot is an elegantly simple design and is super easy to use – totally technophobe friendly!

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Michael Mazor says:

So typically I use two scopes which depending on roast can be 15.5 to 24 grams of coffee, my question is with regards to the scale, why? Since there can be such a big difference in weight why bother couldn't you just measure volume?

commenter78 says:

What is the recommendation if I like to drink my coffee lukewarm? Do I leave it sitting for 20 minutes in my coffee cup or do I add cold water right after serving?

commenter78 says:

Do I leave it brewing for the same amount of time if it's more coffee -say three cups?

commenter78 says:

1:36 1 tablespoon of coffee and one 8 oz cup, not full, of water.

commenter78 says:

Instructions starting @1:11

Luke Snow says:

the whole warm it before you pour thing is dumb because you're pouring the same temp water in both times

Edward Church says:

I want to say it is easy depends on how long you want it. I have a french press and espresso
maker you put water in the bottom and coffee in the part where the water comes from to shoot up in. my wife bought a cafe machine breville so I just wanted to see how to make good coffee on the spot. I gave away my small drip upstairs where a couple live aboves me.

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