How to Do a French Press | Arm Workout

How to Do a French Press | Arm Workout

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Okay, so we are going to go over how to do a French Press. A French Press, the primary focus is going to be on your triceps. Now a lot of you guys want to work your arms, get big arms so you think ‘bicep curl’. In reality, your triceps takes up 2/3rds of your arm so the bigger you fill up your triceps, the bigger your arm is going to look no matter what. Triceps are very important to work; not just biceps.

French Press is a bit of a more advanced exercise. With this, it is an overhead exercise so be careful of your head. You are going to start with the bar above your head, close grip; I like to say thumbs touch, okay, so you can see that that is my grip, my thumbs are touching. That is the space that you want. Now with this, you are going to keep your core nice and tight, your feet firm on the ground, you are going to come down, it is kind of like a lying triceps extension only you are sitting straight up. Come down behind your head, really let your triceps stretch, come up and squeeze. At the top down lock out your elbows because that will do damage to your joint. Always keep a soft elbow. Down, stretch and squeeze back up.

You see, a lot of guys do these on benches that come up like half way so that they can get more range of motion. That is perfectly acceptable.

Now you want to choose a weight that you are not in danger with and also that you can perform your 10 to 15 reps, because that is the goal with size, okay? Always be in control over this exercise, never, never try to cheat it up or let it drop too fast. Always be in control, always squeezing that muscle to keep tension on your triceps.

Your elbows; you do not want to flare them out. You want to keep them right locked in. Try to keep them faced forward as much as you can, as you come up extend and squeeze. Breathe out when you are working against gravity. Breathe in as you are releasing. And that is a French Press.



Ali Hossini says:

خیلی خوب بود دوست من

Constantinos Spartiatis says:

Is it a good idea to use an incline bench??

Constantinos Spartiatis says:

1) With other triceps exercises (not overhead), do you lock your elbows??
Squeeze or not??
2) Should the bench be slightly Inclined??

ChickenCatch says:

Since this is a French press does that mean i need to surrender and run away when in hitting the 1st rep ?

Ormin Cariaso says:

French Press is better if you put some ketchup

Robert Poka says:

Anyone else watches this while eating fastfood in their beds?

El Kaiser says:

Teddy bear <3

Daniel Prentice says:

Ok… but where do the coffee grounds go?

Ahmed Lafridi says:

I feel the talents of a real teacher in you. Great!

Joe Smuckatelli says:

Excellent instructor.
Very clear and straight forward instructions.

Praveen Dhanush says:

tell me 30 days hadcore biceps workout

Baby Pudge says:

Geek for geek muricans. …duh

Neeraj Soni says:

thank you for all experience to exercis so me a gym trainer thanks again

Alexandru Stefan says:

For me, this is by far the best mass builder exercise for the triceps, i prefer to do it standing, letting my elbows go a little bit in front so there's safer on the shoulders, compared to the skull crusher, this exercise works the long head of the triceps a lot more, it also feels way better on the elbow joint, allways use an EZ bar or any curved bar.

fatkiller1000 says:

I love how you say "that's perfectly acceptable" because you know that even though it might be an extremely difficult version of this exercise it pretty much is up to the person to decide. Haha.

Dhasu Dharane says:

dude I'll try …. thanks

Peter Brown says:

just ripped two cups

Reilly Brown says:

Why is it only for men?

Sykokiller says:

You mean, a Freedom Press?

Jacinto Rapa says:

Actually I saw this exercise in a boxing book one time

Duca Schoenberg says:

I know great place to learn about workouts. Just google for 'Unflexal' 🙂

Fredrik Hamrebjörk says:

But what do I do with my coffee and my french press? I don't see the connection…

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