How to Brew Coffee with the French Press

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While the French Press brewing method is very popular, the details still matter. Our Master Barista, Ty Beddingfield, walks us through how to brew a delicious cup of coffee using the French Press brewing method.

This brewing method video is a part of our Bean of the Week series and is paired with the Ethiopian Queen City Harrar. You can find it here:

For more check out:


Adamu Kun says:

Hiii!!! Thanks for the vid!!! I wanna do this at home! Can i do cold brew the same method u did? Or do i have to follow a different recipe? :0

Pls reply thank u! ^~^

André Catani says:

Ounce??? Which one? t? f? fl US? /L? fl imperial? /c? /d? ft3? /gl? Why not use a measure that other seven billion people use?

Rayray1001 says:

Quick question.. when I’m making coffee with my French press, do I have to dress like a dildo?

Robert Matthews says:

Okay, à legit question here… Why not stir?

M 013 says:

hat is a good grinder for Pour over and FP methods, not interested in Espresso grinds at all

Trespasser says:

I notice you don't preheat the press – perhaps the 'great water' is too expensive to waste. I agree, but you can just swirl a bit around the glass to warm it up. Good alkaline bottled water is what I use (Evian for example)

Neeko Z says:

I do need to know this was done in Tampa? -.-

Gooberhamm Waltz says:

Been doing pour overs for a few years straight, so I’m ready to go back to the French at least for tomorrow morning. I remember it’s more acidic in general, but oily and more full tasting.

Johnathan L. says:

Thanks for the video you'd be surprised how easy it is for a person to completely screw up something so simple

Elijah Hassan says:

Buddy Brew what if i only have a whistling tea kettle?

Brent Landers says:

“2 grams per ounce.. there’s 13 oz, so 16grams” wtf school did you go to lol

jan mac says:

instant coffee > hipster coffee

Laurence Goldkamp says:

%1,000 hipster

carforumwanker says:

short fat bloke in the background….."yeh' I will wear a cunt hat to make me look cool" !!! fail baby

carforumwanker says:

any coffee maker that wears stupid hats and Bow ties etc , is going to a complete cunt . Coffee is a cool thing…this is not cool. its gay shit

Jared Ortiz Gonzalez says:

How about the temperature? Isnt it cold after 4 mins?

Eric Livesay says:

You forgot to skim off the bitter foam on the top.

Bl- anton says:

That's weak

Paul says:

For the simple folk at home without a scale and who don’t speak in grams… tablespoon to cup of water ratio??

Seth Traylor says:

I find that pushing the filter all the way down to the bottom o be ineffective. It stirs up all the grinds again in the french press.

dads secret recipe says:

Hipster goatee? Check.

Michele Conley says:

He left out that the press should be heated first with hot water, toss it out before adding the coffee. Then add a little bit of water to the coffee to stir it, and add a pinch of kosher salt. Add a teaspoon of real butter (room temp) to your cup of coffee, oh it's so good!

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