How to Brew Coffee in a French Press

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Learn how to brew your best in a French press, also known as a press pot. This is a real time video so you can let us be your guide and brew alongside our best baristas.

Easy to brew and super consistent, the French Press is very reliable. Its classic and well-engineered design hasn’t changed much since its invention in 1929, and it’s perfect for making multiple cups of heavy-bodied coffee in 4 minutes. Happy brewing!


Sand Fishing WA says:

I'm far as you could possibly be from being a hipster, but i love hipster coffee shops. Great people watching. Wonder if they'll do me a cup of Tea?

Salvatore Guidone says:

Such a waste of water. Glass really does not absorb much heat in the first place and releases it extremely fast. It really changes nothing. The way you poured the water made you lose more heat than the glass could possibly absorb.

Kevin Alvarez says:

Anyone know the name of the cafe she's at?

Joseph Whittlesey says:

pretty sure that is a 1 liter ~ 4 cup french press, not an 8 cup press.

Sabrina Sheriff says:

Oh dear never stir the coffee while it’s brewing come on!


you didn't mention the ratio of water and coffee.

Taina Williams says:

This is like watching makeup tutorials. That's nice… Oh that's how you do it… Lovely… No way am I going to do all that or spend my money on that, my old way is good enough 😀

Mathieu Jacobé says:

Nice Saab 900

Media Newscenter says:

I like clip

Christopher Allison says:

what's the song at the beginning?

Baron Guitar says:

there's a catch, you have to wait 6 hours for the water to arrive.

Diademglo says:

I feel like barfing….

Dawn of Dementia says:

Yet another French press video that fails to specify the coffee-to-water ratio so we can adjust for different sizes.

Hanson Logo says:

Hi… Mally thank you for the tutorial, sorry if I`m wrong, but I want to learn to ride the motorcycle instead of brewing coffee

Matt Jardine says:

Sweet. I hadn't seen this episode of Portlandia before. Must be a deep cut.

JustBob says:

Skip preheating the carafe, show the grinding of the coffee (breadcrumbs is NOT a setting), measure the water:coffee ratio (how much water did you use? Fill up to the metal band? There are different sizes of French press), and show the cleaning of the French press (the most important step!).

searchoverload8 says:

You should make a video for your drivers on not driving in the fucking cycle lane

Illiminatie overlord Gurglekoks says:

Am I the only one openly admitting to loving all the hipsterness in this video? She drove a bike into her own store.. Come on, that's the bees knees.

et Jeong says:

nice coffee-brewing and nice song..Thank you for your lessons!!!

Fresburger says:

Your primary audience is in the USA so please also give measurements in tablespoons or ounces. Also, I clicked on your video for instructions not music.

Ze Bunker says:

she do an al?

Eu não sou. says:

Puxa, que vídeo legal, muito agradável, como um bom café! Nunca bebi um café de french press, mas ainda comprarei esse equipamento.

bob clapper says:


shaunoftheguads says:

Should I be compressing all of the water out of the grinds when plunging, or should I basically use the plunger to strain gently? My new press doesn't compress the grinds in the bottom of the beaker because the shaft on the plunger is too short. My old press would actually compress the beans in the bottom.

Jason Pe says:

I feel I need to buy a single gear bicycle and beard oil after watching this.. God damn it does it piss me off.

tina hauer says:

Please don't serve anyone with that jacket on that has squashed bugs on it and put your hair up!!!

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