How it Works: Coffee Maker

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Here I take apart a drip coffee machine to see how it works and create a coffee machine geyser!


James Black says:

I liked the video it was well done and very informative, I like the idea of
your series, I think you could have made it a little quicker but it was
good. The reason I found your video is I was wondering about making a
heater for my pool by using this method do you think it would work. maybe
do a couple of them and use the water line of the pool for your ball valve.
The water can never return to the pool util it is hot if the return line
is above the water level of the pool. This is an above groud pool so it
should work, but do you think that it can be made big enough to actually
heat a pool. 5000 gallons I think is what it is its one of those blue soft
pool you get from wall mart. Let me know what you think. 

Jamie Rauch says:

great video! very interesting! watched it with my four-year old cuz he asks
me every morning how the Coffee Maker works! thanks for showing us! I
learned something new right along with him!

Mario Magana says:

And the Amish think we take electrical machines for granted.

rfn944 says:

Reminds me of Watch Mr. Wizard 1951-65 TV show. You forgot to mention how
warming plate works.

Matt Turfrey says:

That was actually a pretty good video.

NinjightNationCorp says:

thumbs up if your coffee maker is broke and you are trying to fix it

backcue says:

Great video! Thanks for teaching me something!

SilkStarz says:

Nice video. I have a question. I just fixed my coffee maker by adding a 1mm
thickness with tape to the end of what looks like a pool table stick, cause
the stick wasn’t reaching a tiny switch inside the machine to power
on…I’m afraid to use the machine, should I be afraid? Because it wasn’t
working prior to the fix, but it lights on after. I haven’t used it yet,
but I might tomorow.

Gabriel castellanos says:

great video – you will make an excellent teacher someday!

SubliminalyAudacious says:

I had to watch this just to confirm that the water basically boils out from
the heating element up to the top. It still baffles me a little bit how it
works so simply. And that has got to be the easiest coffee machine to take

MO HAN says:

Quite educational , thanks

Haileysweeklypointe says:

That’s awesome thx I don’t know what I would of done without ot cause I
have a science project it’s stuff like separating substances and mixtures
like oil sand salt and water so I explained how to remove those chemicals
and still have the salt residu on the beaker but know I haft to use that
knowledge onto everyday practices

computertechled says:

men great video tutorial

IneCapa says:

Awesome! That was interesting and fun!

Ronald John says:

very nice bro…… 🙂 🙂

cjs33139 says:

Thank you so much for creating this informative video! I am a product
design student and for my senior project, I am redesigning the coffee
maker. I found an article online with photos and text from
“howstuffworks(dot)com”, but even then, I had a hard time following. Your
video was a lot more comprehensive. Thank you!

Crazy Builders says:

thanks – I am using a Canon XH-A1


i can blow but i cant suck hahahaha dude its the same thing blow n suck

music2b4every1 says:

Thanks for uploading this cool and informative video! 🙂

Mark Leto says:

great vid my kids loved it

benjaminvillalta19 says:

you should add further info on the current patent holder and what the
status on that patent is. can someone use the same system, manufacture and
distribute it legally? That would make for an even better, more informative
video. respond if you decide to do it. thanks!

SchmetterlingSue says:

Thanks for this video, helped figure out my fix. Coffee grounds stuck in
the check valve. No more sputtering, and quick coffee! Saved a repair bill.

trent Thornton says:

Great video, fixed my Mr Coffee my heating element was completely blocked
with calcium, used some bailing wire and a 22cal, gun cleaner wire bore
brush and got most of it. Ran some vinegar through a couple of times and
good as new!!! Thanks

zome0101 says:

thank you for this informative video

benjaminvillalta19 says:

you should add some further info on what the curr

STFpolice1 says:

You can blow but you cant suck?

Gina Kuntz says:

Napoleon dynamite!!!!! Awesome video!

Daan Hartog says:

Really interesting, thanks! You solved a discussion 😉

Jökull Finnbogason says:

Nice video, i was making a pot of coffee and started wondering how this
thin works 😀

tiredowalkin says:

Mine is leaking hot water from under the unit now, so I’m guessing it’s not
going to get any better. Time to look for a new one, this one is a 10 Cup
Sylvania from Walgreens and had a rebate, worked good for a couple of years

xG1NOx says:

niccce what camera are you using man!?

Fahim Mohammad says:

This is an awesome video. Thanks

vahidmirkhani says:

Videos like this should be viewed less. Cause they educate people and make
them think. That’s NOT what we need. We need people who watch Gaga and
Beiber 10 times a day!!!!

bpcqqqqqq says:

This was helpful, ty. I’d never understood the geyser effect and just spent
5 minutes looking for a pump instead of a 1-way valve. So easy fix thanks
to you.

chico frijoles says:

Thanks for the video! My coffee maker broke and I’m going to try to fix it.
The heating element is not working, so, thanks to your video, I’m going to
disassemble and see if I can repair it and save some money and keep some
plastic out of the landfill

chavitavb says:

Nice 😀

haznedar says:

Thank you for this ingormative video

flaviusicafsz says:

Part 3: ……….. works by h2o dilatation or by replacind sime space with
steam ( gas) and forcing water upper…i lean to second
explination,,….what is your oppinin? and what about some distilation low
thech tecnique for my alcohol project,,. do you have any idea? ( excludeing
building a cupper alembique – or buying a h2o purificator ( which is over
my budget ( i`ve seen some on ebay at around $100) Wish nice hollydays and
a happy new year

victor c says:

Looks like napoleon dinamite got a haircut lol!!!

Harlene Nash says:

this would be good to show for a science class for an elementary class to
show how geysers work .

exefile says:

FAKE! Just kidding, great video.

MakinLifeEasier1 says:

Thank you, My favorite coffee maker stopped working and I saw your video,
you gave me enough information to by pass the power switch.

flaviusicafsz says:

Part 2: …i didn`t see than the unisense valve, i bet I could have a lot
of fun with it. even now i`l like to play tith one, but now adays coffe
makers are hard to find, they resist longer and people don`t throw them
away. i could probably fix it by replacing the resistence or maby just the
thermo heat safe (“resistence”?)… Now i wonder, if we can get watter even
higher ( nice gheizer- but i want a stonger one) by connecting ” in line”
more coil heater segments???! ( and does it works……

flaviusicafsz says:

I was wondering it coffe makers use H2O dilatation or distilation(
evaporation&condensation)my purpose was to distilate some votca and get as
pure as I could alcohol :)) I google and i riched yout video ( wich is
really nice), I was going to ask if it use distilation or dilatation, when
i`ve seen the explination, Nice , you compelted all questions that could be
asked. when I was a littel boy i opened one not-working pice in finding of
some” pump” and i was stuppefied that it haven`t one :)))

keymankeys1960 says:

LOL @ ” ohhh no”…….good video

tyedyeblue1 says:

Thanks for showing us how it works you explained everything step by step
and it was very easy to understand.

jsmnl1 says:

thanks man!! this was perfect for a project i have to do. Thank you thank

mohdshiq says:

thanks man…god bless u .. i was searchin for this since so long

shotglassproductions says:

lol im the 777 viewer

Steve Feather says:

This was fun to watch while I waited for my coffee to brew…. I’ve always
wondered how that worked! Thanks! Great videos! 

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