Home review of the Bosch Tassimo 65 coffee maker

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After a years use is the Bosch still making great coffee?


dereton33 says:

Ok will do rockmartini , thanks for your comments. Kind regards, al.

RockMartini says:

I normally like your videos and I like your calm presenting style, but
maybe you could re-do this one again when you are actually ready to make a
cup of coffee. I also think you could have shown how to clean the machine
as well.

woodbine66 says:

Jeez. Way too much faff for a cup of coffee. Think I’ll stick with my
cafetiere. Quality coffee and boiling water in – push the plunger down –
job done. Thanks for the vid anyway.

dereton33 says:

Thanks woodbine , I guess it`s all down to what we are used to . Good to
here from you again. Kind regards, al.

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