Hands-On With the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genia Coffee Maker

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Hands-On With the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genia Coffee Maker.


The1stSaki says:

@Janet Meyer and anyone else having a problem getting the machine to work.
That is a common problem. It gets air-locked occasionally, actually quite
often, in shipment. Happened to me, the power button blinking red
indicating it wasn’t getting water.. I called support and was advised to
press the blue cold water and while it is trying to pump, move the water
tank up and then back onto the unit several times. If that doesn’t work
remove the water tank and pour some water in the hole where the tank fits.
Neither of these worked for me the first time, but eventually did. Do not
do this repeatedly at one time because it needs water to lubricate the pump
and you don’t want to overheat it.. I walked away and repeated the tank up
and down motion several times, and eventually it made the water connection
after about six tries a few hours later. I’ve been using it for three
weeks, on the average three times a day, and no further problems. Very
satisfied with it.

Morgan Jones says:

I’m very sorry but the reviewer should really have made a bit more effort
to understand the coffee machine. As someone else pointed out its fairly
easy to tell the difference between the milk and coffee pods, also it
doesn’t take an expert to realise there are different recommended water
levels for the milk and the coffee.

Janet Meyer says:

I just recieved this same machine in the mail today and I can not get it to
work! I have done everything that needs to be done in this video. It’s so
fustrating! And what is that thing at the back bottom of the machine where
you put the water tank over? Does that need to be adjusted ..that the only
thing I can think of? 

wheaty123456 says:

To anyone that wants to know how these capsules work, the water jet is
sharp on the edge and it pierces through the pod to let the water through

Krystal Williams says:

Is the water Hot or cold that you fill in the tank?

Kristi Biyak says:

Black pods are coffee, and white pods are milk. So you were supposed to
use both of those pods for that drink. The indicator line is shorter on
the coffee pod and higher on the milk pod.

Mohamed Ibrahim says:

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DNSTUFF87 says:

this is my best coffee machine what i have been bought! I love it so much,
it’s easy and quick to use.

Jill Yeoh says:

Do you need to clean the machine?

Bob Chen says:

I was just wondering that how come that you didn’t take the seal off the
pod? Does the machine do that automatically? What’s the gimmick? Thanks! 🙂

محمد علي البيحاني says:

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Ajka Cibulková says:

By pressing the button it punctures the seal…

Dylan Wong says:


Krystal Williams says:

Is the water Hot or cold that you fill in the tank?

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