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DigInfo – http://www.diginfo.tv Related Links: http://www.handpresso.fr/handpresso/presse/interview_hn_20090209.pdf http://www.daisaku-shoji.co.jp/p_handpresso.html Daisaku Shoji Ltd….


roshiboy says:

Its super soaker time! i would have never thot of that… but i think it
wouldnt last long… wear and tear comes in pretty fast…

Yggdrasil42 says:

@roshiboy I have no long-term experience with it, but it’s built really
well. Felt sturdy and reliable.

Stefan Sigfinnsson says:

@MaxSavard I’ve heard that Mypressi Twist delivers better shoot than either
the Handpresso and on par or even better than from Rancilio but I’ve not
tried any of them. I love my Bialetti Brikka and I don’t find much
difference between it and an espresso from a café(but I find a difference
but it’s not worth the money) but it’s for sure better than any coffee I
tasted from all automatic machines.

Bas Mul says:

I bought one in the Netherlands. Verdict: Not as good as a good machine
made one but better than most espressos served from machines by average
cafe’s. I’m using illy-pads with dark roasted espresso coffee. Not handy
for making lot’s of coffee but if you’re in a place where there’s no good
coffee this saves the day big time. Well worth my money. There seems to be
a new one from another company witch operates by a gas-container and can
make two cups at a time but haven’t tried that one (yet).

Phoenix and Dad says:

Easy, if you’re the kind of person that purchases 1 espresso drink from a
retail outlet every day. $5 * 365 = …!!!

Scott Buchanan says:

great idea let down by the need to use ‘pods’. Make a version that you can
use with what ever coffee you want and you’ll have a real winner!

NamesForDogs says:

As someone who actually owns the machine, I can say that the espresso
quality is on par with the best I’ve had from a pod machine (make sure to
buy individual packets – I made the mistake of buying the Illy “vaccum
sealed” tin and it tasted horrible within only a few days). The build
quality is actually very good, despite what it looks like in some videos.
Also $120 (or $90, as it is now) is peanuts for a quality espresso machine.
Some run into the thousands of dollars!

pubtor says:


spikespeigel says:

this is actually pretty cool, i mean what do you expect for 120$? plus you
can actually make those coffee packs yourself

Craig Mulcahy says:

How would adding an espresso machine SAVE you ANY money? Let alone $120?

thepineapple1 says:

0:58 He’s jacking off another guy

dufzkaloii says:

any offer here in the philippines??

semicoma says:

you don’t make great espresso with device lack of unsteady pressure.

marioGRrr says:

terrible foam!

Bruno Ueda says:

5000 or 1000?

Max Savard says:

I have tried both the pod version and the ground coffe version , and they
work great ! You get more crema from ground coffee . Not as good as a shot
from my Rancilio but much better than any Saeco I’ve tried.

gmaconsulting says:

You may as well purchase a 12 volt VELOX for the same amount of money AND
it boils water for the espresso too! If you buy a 120 volt to 12 volt
adapter, you can use the VELOX espresso maker at home too! I bought mine at

GeneralChurch says:

but u still need to find hot water…

Ben Jorgensen says:

im glad i never bought one of these! thats crap espresso! *high quality my

A Sch says:

Exactly! My boss easily hits over $23 a week on Starbucks. So that’s almost
$5,000 a year! I wonder if he knows he’s paying what must the equivalent of
$40-50 a gallon on their coffee per year.

Chiho Kim says:

CEBO espresso coffee machine! For more information, please contact to
[email protected]

MetalDust64 says:

I dont see the point of this product.

Granulated says:

@rockandrope Totally agree with you. Hopefully an enterprising boffin will
make some kind of re-usable nylon pod similar to those that became
available for the Pod machines.

SBPStudio says:

Add Hot water??? LOL Why not just add an Espresso machine and save the
$120! FAIL.

يوتيوب says:

stay away from the coffee you f***n chinese & stick with your green tea…
we saw what you did with fake egg :@:@:@:@

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