Hamilton Beach One Scoop coffee maker review

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I use the Hamilton beach One Scoop Coffee maker. Now the coffee maker instructions say to use coffee ground in a specific way and to load the coffee holder/s…


Andrew Jones says:

I stopped using this unit as it never brewed consistently. Each coffee was
different.Eventually it blew coffee grounds all over my counter and floor.
We ended up spending more money to buy the Keurig which does have more
waste, but if you buy the extra grounds holder, you can load your own
coffee which I will try in the a.m. I just recorded the Keurig demo today
so will get it up asap. If you buy it at bed, bath and beyond, you can get
a 20% off coupon, they are all over.

dave gale says:

I bought one but wish I had not as its slow and does not make sense if
you’re going to have more than one cup.

elainejan says:

Thanks for the good demonstration. I was thinking of purchasing one of
these until I saw you use it. In case you are interested, I had a Keurig
and kept it for years just because it cost so much. I could never find a
KCup I liked (I like a full rich cup of coffee). And I never got it to work
using regular coffee. I now have a regular Cuisinart brewer with a thermal
carafe but it has a button you can push if you are making 1 to 4 cups and
the coffee is quite good.

tooterbug59 says:

Is the coffee very hot and does it leave a lot of grounds in the bottom of
the cup?

Lenny Sherman says:

I love it. Makes perfect coffee.

Charles Stone says:

never knew about the cup shelf. will give it a go in the morning. my
complaint is the coffee grounds spills over the scoop. i have to strain the
coffee into another cup to get the grounds out.

tacorogol says:

Very helpful info. I am trying to wean myself from the via packs too, and
it looks like we take our coffee exactly the same way (1 sugar in the raw
and cream). Are you still using it or have you switched to the keurig? I
would give that system a try, but I worry about all the wasted packaging

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