Gwilym Davies Demonstrating the Aeropress Coffee Maker

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Gwilym Davies, World Barista Champion 2009, shows us how he uses the Aeropress coffee maker. Filmed on the roof above Prufrock in Shoreditch.


Aero Windwalker says:

It actually did take a while.

Son of Will says:

Time goes nearly three times faster in the UK, weird!

DJCRooK3D says:

My SO bought me one of these for Xmas and i was a little bit “unexcited”
(not to her face of course) and hadn’t bothered even unpacking it properly
til i realised tonight i only had ground coffee and no instant. So i
thought “What the hell, give it a whirl just this once and i’ll go and buy
some freeze dried crap tomorrow.

Now after using it I’ve gotta admit i’m totally converted. This thing makes
fucking LEGENDARY coffee and it’s a piece of piss to use too, and even
cleans itself out too!

Top choice for all you lazy bastards like myself who enjoy a decent coffee
but without waiting around too long!!!

David Smith says:


Just use a French press. If you too impatient for 4 minutes brewing time,
just grind a bit finer and steep less.

Michael Walker says:

OMG … that was ….. (insert Gasp)

Travis Sawrie says:

I just tried this method. Not bad, but so far I’m definitely liking the
inverted method better.’s method is my favorite so far.

Tuberinio1949 says:

The tube doesn’t seem to hold much water. I can’t see how it makes more
than about half a decent cup of coffee. Don’t see it as much different from
a French press or cafetiere type of manual coffee maker. Which you can buy
for about half what this gizmo costs.

Latrelle Washington says:

hel ya palace m8

munkeeboi83 says:

What kind of AeroPress stand is that and where can you get one?

ReallyFilthyToad says:

Making Coffee like this is like the internet: For poor losers with too much

henryw12345 says:

Ive watched a couple of vids on aeropress and here are my top tips!

Why Aeropress?
Add more pressure – squeeze more flavor from your coffee
Aeropress creates a vacuum – stops everything dripping into cup too early
Takes 30 seconds to press (1 minute to brew)

Tips for brewing perfect Aeropress – according to David Coleman & Gwilym

1. Wash Aeropress before with warm water – heats Aeropress
2. do not add boiling water – burns it instantly (under 95 degrees is
3. grind size – somewhere in-between plunger and filter grind
4. dose 1 or 2 (if you want a strong blend)
5. how long to brew (known as “steeping”)
6. wet your paper filters first (ideally with hot water). Avoid papery
filter taste!
7. Pour down the side of the Aeropress flask (ensure penetration with the
8. Preinfuse with small amount of water – for 30 seconds
9. Then add the rest of the water – wait another 30 seconds
10. Do not fill the Aeropress container for 2 reasons –
-blooming – chemical reaction occurs as coffee particles bumping into
other partciles, hot water it bumps a lot faster. If there is a bigger
section to brew in – this wont happen (bloom in)
-do much water – it will overflow when you brew it!
11. Top it up after
12. Give it a little swirl then pressure plunge
13. Do not press/plunge full distance – as it can extract too much

brokentelephone says:

+Larry Bundy Jr Pretty sure those interested in coffee enough to be
competitive know about barista championships. I have a passing interest in
coffee and have known about them for years.

Adam Byrtek says:

Preparing my first AeroPress coffee.

novamotel23 says:

@sinbindinchin – totally agree. He’s left tonnes of stuff out. Not the best
teacher. This is obviously just advertising, shame. It’s just another
gimmick anyhow, that much is obvious.

soloartist232 says:

@sinbindinchin it’s funny. i didn’t know coffee was not suppose to be
bitter my whole life. i don’t drink coffee often so didn’t do research. i
accidentally landed on the aeropress and realized that high temperature
extracted too much bitterness.

JfromQ says:

@novamotel23 I’ve never been a coffee anorak but I can confirm that for
people who want a great tasting coffee with less hassle it’s really good!
It’s never gonna stand up to a £1000 coffee machine, but it’s as good as my
stove top espresso maker. I really like it. Ps. You do need good coffee
though, but I guess everyone knows hat! 🙂

Rick Russell says:

That’s an Aeropress Brewstation offered by the same company

zunk eleven says:

lol, I’m not pressing down on hot liquid cyllinders at 5AM- you must be on

sinbindinchin says:

The advice about not plunging completely has convinced me to give my
aeropress another chance, I’ve found it impossible to produce a non bitter
brew with this thing perhaps this is why. The Barista Championship thing is
a load of shite though, if only people put as much effort into either
trying to be crowned the best or hosting these events into actually
educating the world about coffee, the world would be a slightly better

ricochetVendetta says:

irish coffee is best

MagareLosho says:

hell yes, a simple ceramic coffee cone will do just fine.

Kaleb Keough says:

No ghost machines were used in this video.

H Jones says:

Get a real machine.

Pascal Villeneuve says:

I’m curious as to what coarseness the coffee was ground to? It can make a
huge difference for people trying to reproduce this technic.

RiveRat1986 says:

It is actually finer than that of a french press, that’s what i like about
it you get the full flavor.

thescarzy says:

It’s quite concentrated so a lot of people water it down.

UglyGeezer says:

What a load of faff

jsp48080 says:

how much water and what temp?

MsKitchendining says:

I’m very happy with my aeropress, awesome taste of coffee, just be careful
when you put the filter, make sure that is correctly put it, here is the
link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to1bmO8uU

John Webber says:

and all else aside the aeropress is much much cheaper

sinbindinchin says:

@HappySpaceInvdr I could live with bad milk if the coffee tasted good. The
biggest problem is people do not realise that coffee is not meant to taste
bitter, people cant complain and ask for better since they do not know what
better is. Even the online roasters are mostly shit. I ordered some coffee
from james gourmet a while ago, disgusting it was, undrinkable. Cant go
wrong with square mile, but bloody hell do you pay for it.

Romain Alberich says:

Able disc filter

Esben Madsen says:

I doubt it. Maybe quantitywise you could, but I doubt the quality will be
as good as this.

TinnInches says:

LOVE my aeropress

Brent Howard says:

Is he wearing a Palace shirt? awesome

Tyler Smith says:

That’s an Aeropress Brewstation. They run around $110. Really difficult to
find in the states.

Pedro Couto says:

meanwhile I could have just simply made 10 coffees on my nespresso with
undisputably more quality..

Derek Martz says:

There is something admirable about a person loving something so much they
become a world champion in their field. I find such dedication, no matter
how esoteric the subject, beautiful.

Pat MacManus says:

Thank you. The extra time makes a nice difference.

JohnnyNosebleed says:

I’m so glad to be living in a time where we have World Barista Champions.

sager153 says:

I use the “finest” grind on my Koreg Burr Grinder and it works just fine
for my taste.

Kaleb Keough says:

Or for a ‘person’ who doesn’t want to make coffee for “people”.

Thomas Buckland says:

Any roast can be used in an aeropress, likewise in a french press. From my
experience a fine grind is best. not as fine as espresso but not as coarse
as a cone filter.

oregrundecs says:

🙂 it might be also “drip coffee stand”. yw!

Erik Walker says:

Ya’ll need to use the “inverted” method.

fluffyman15 says:

hes overextracting the coffee way too much

phychmasher says:

That thing looks awesome! Which model do you use, and how would you
describe the shot from your nespresso vs. a shot from an aeropress?

tilerdurden2001 says:

Guy below… You sir are a tool!

csgyuricza says:

Nice video, I am going to give the aeropress a try. What is the name of
this metal structure you are using in this video? I’d like to get one as

hughvane says:

It would have been good to see the coffee actually flowing into the cup, so
next time wear lighter-colored clothing behind the coffee maker. Cheers!

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